3 in Antray. stage

Menderes Türel, Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, continues to come together with people everywhere at any time. Türel, surprisingly last night, taking the tram from Sarampol, traveled to the bus station. Public sohbet President Türel announced that they aim to start the 3rd stage of the rail system by the end of the year.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel examined the works in the Şarampol Project after the groundbreaking ceremony of the Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Underground Parking Lot. Türel, who examined the section from Tonguç Street intersection to SSK, gave instructions to the authorities on lighting. By the way, with tradesmen and citizens sohbet President Türel said that Şarampol is the most prestigious project of Antalya.

Mayor Menderes Türel, after inspecting the Stockade Project, took Antray and traveled to the bus station stop. The passengers who saw President Türel on the tram were surprised. Citizens showed great interest in Türel, who wished them a good journey. During the trip with Antalya residents sohbet Türel listened to her problems, demands and opinions.

President Türel thanked those who wanted to give a place to him and sohbet preferred to travel by. Mayor Türel, who asked about the situation and well-being of the citizens, gave information about the 3rd Stage Rail System Project. Türel said that they plan to start the 3rd Stage rail system project between Varsak and Meltem at the end of this year and complete it by 2019. The people of Antalya did not neglect to take a selfie with President Türel during the trip. President Türel completed his journey at the bus station stop.



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