The First Traveler of Alanya Teleferik was President Yücel (Photo Gallery)

The construction of the Alanya Cable Car, which was designed for 30 years ago, is finished. The ropeway will begin to serve after the completion of the manned tests. The Mayor of Alanya, Adem Murat Yücel, became the first passenger of the Teleferik, which was considered the day for his inauguration.

The construction of the Alanya Ropeway, which was built in Alanya in November last year, will enable the exit of Damlatas Beach from the sea level to the Ehmedek region within the Alanya Castle at an altitude of about 300 meters. With the completion of the construction of the test tour on the ropeway to end the manned tests will be opened to visitors.


In total, the 900 cab with a line length of 17 meters will serve 1130 people per hour, and it is aimed to move about 1 million people per year. 30 9 project was built around 18 years ago and it is one of the biggest projects of the district. The ropeway climbing to the Alanya Castle over the world-famous Damlataş and Cleopatra beaches, offers the city's texture and all the historical texture in the center of the city at once to its visitors. The municipality plans to put into service during the Feast of Sacrifice with the completion of the test trip fee XNUMX TL as planned, veterans and martyrs, as well as disabled citizens and citizens with public transportation discounts will be applied said.


Within the scope of the project, the walkway to the summit of the ropeway and the inner fortress and other areas are reached, while in the area to be installed at the end of the walkway, 14 will be able to visit all areas from the Suleymaniye Mosque to the Inner Castle with its large golf vehicles with a capacity of 4. The municipality plans to prohibit entry of the big tour buses into the castle with the decisions of the municipality, and the municipality plans to prevent the damage caused to the fortress of buses and large vehicles by means of golf vehicle tours. Initially, it is planned to increase the number of golf vehicles that will serve by 4 vehicle according to the number of visitors.


Mayor of Alanya Municipality MHP, who examined the work on the spot Adem Murat Yucel, said it was an honor to take part in the realization of a dream. Adem Murat Yücel, who came to the cabinet during the manned tests, said: ine The last tests of the lift are taking place now. We are on one of the most beautiful beaches of the world, Damlataş and Cleopatra beaches. Alanya Cable Car is one of the 2 ropeway construction in our country. The construction of the cable car extends from the Damlataş region to the inner fortress ie Ehmedek. Our 1130 cabin, which has 17 people per hour and 30 cabin, has made a dream project for years. The company conducts test tours. Hopefully, we plan to present our business license to our tourists visiting Alanya and Alanya as holiday gifts next week. İn


Yücel stated that the ropeway would be opened to the visitors for the purpose of its purpose. Because the ropeways are for both transport and navigation. However, it is one of the few ropeways which can be used as a show rather than a carriage. This project is a project of natural beauty. I wish this project in Alanya to be good and auspicious to the people of Istanbul, "he said.

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