Alanya Cable Car Fee CHP's Municipal Assembly Agenda

Last week, the service began to serve the ticket price of Alanya Teleferik high CHP support received support. Members of the CHP in the Alanya City Council will discuss the issue in September parliament

In the 1980, which was first brought to the agenda by Mayor Eşref Kahvecioğlu, but was forgotten until 1999 due to the military coup, 1999-2014 Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu worked for many years and the completion was elected as Mayor in 30 March 2014. Adem Murat Yücel made the cable car cost of the plant's 20 year for the build-operate-transfer model, which undertakes the operation of the Teleferik Holding's new Alanya came to a special description. Teleferik Holding Marketing Director Oğul Atasoy made a statement on the active publications of the new Alanya. We also forwarded this issue to Alanya Mayor Mr. Adem Murat Yücel Bu.

Atasoy said that they started the preparation of a Kent Card-like work on public buses and planned to campaign for the citizens who have this card. Thus, the ticket price of 18 TL will be reduced to 9 TL by two people. But we cannot drop a ticket from 18 TL to 9 TL directly by contract u. Because of the contract made in the past, the number is 18 TL, the public bus ticket price is based on the 3 TL voicing Atasoy, X If the price of bus fare in the future will increase the cost of ropeway. Let's say the bus ticket 3 TL'dan 4 TL output. Then the times will be made 6 and the cable car cost will be 24 TL. O

Every day of the week, the cable car runs between 10.00 and 23.00, but the door of the fortress is closed at 19.00, and when the “return after 19.00 goes up, there is a problem coming back, X Atasoy said, X Kale's saving is the problem. 'We are unable to intervene in the opening closing time for' 'he said. Atasoy, who said that all the restoration restorations from Ehmedek Gate to Ehmedek were done without waiting for them without any compensation, said, 'It is important for us not only to bring people to the ropeway, but also to have a happy Alanya Castle experience. Everything good for Alanya is good for us, Alanya he said.

As Alanya grows and attracts more tourists, they also grow and more customers. kazanExpressing that it means a lot of money, Atasoy said, “For this reason, we also support Alanya. For example, we were both the pioneers and the main sponsor of the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Women's Beach Volleyball Champions League, which was held this year, to come to Alanya.” Oğul Atasoy, who also stated that Alanya Teleferik will continue to work and provide services seven days a week and all months, excluding weather conditions and major maintenance, said, “We continue to work on projects with Alanya Municipality for different applications and campaigns for the people of Alanya during the winter period. We will share these campaigns with the people of Alanya in the coming days," he said.

In the Sipahioğlu period, the cable car project, which was announced to cost 18 million TL, was completed to 9 million Euro (32 million TL) during Yücel period due to the economic course of the country. If the public transport fees by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality before the service of the cable car just before the 4 TL 2.15 TL to upgrade to 3 TL 13 TL 18 ticket prices at a time when the TL has to be removed. The cost of the cable car starting from the 20 TL per person is lowered to 20 by the Mayor Adem Murat Yücel after the New Alanya has brought the issue to the public on the responses of the public.

In the meantime, the price of the ticket in the contract "6 rigid 18 solids" in accordance with the clause of the 20 TL, the reason for the right to request 14.5 discount for the reason why the 6 TL also brought a new discussion. Prepared to raise the issue of the CHP parliamentary members, "Madem public transportation fee 18 floor" is called. Then the price of the ticket does not start from 18 TL and 14.5 TL, then reduced to the municipality discount 65 TL'a did not come down to the question 'was learned that the question. For the citizens of Martyrs and veterans, the ticket price was reduced to 9 TL for the students above the age of 20.

18 TL ticket price is high, responding to the President Yücel, ücret 2010'li contract with the contractor company in the early years of the public transportation fee of the public transportation bus in the city was 1,5 TL. According to the tariff at that time, the ticket price was supposed to be 9 TL. Public transport is currently 3 TL. For this reason, 6 was increased to 18 by multiplying XNUMX by contract ”. On the other hand, a new parliamentary decision on the price of tickets during the President Yücel, Sipahioglu period in the contractual provisions of the contract is valid, the company that takes the tender to work with these conditions are expressed in the public opinion on the high price of the ticket price of the CHP Parliamentary Group in the session in September they were asked to open a new parliamentary decision.

Speaking to Yeni Alanya about the ticket price of Alanya Teleferik, which is about one thousand foreign tourists in a week, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Alanya District President Mustafa Berberoğlu said that the teleferik transportation was in line with the supply-demand balance. but it is not a necessary means of transportation. They have alternatives. If the citizens do not get on the ropeway despite these numbers, this figure is taken down after a while. If it is expensive, then there are alternatives. The bus is preferable. Prices are lowered when there is no demand. Talep

Republican People's Party (CHP) Alanya District President Ali Takavüt said, CH This price is really high. This system in Ankara, the fee is 4 TL. Moreover, a much longer distance. I hope this tariff is a temporary tariff. Citizen should be encouraged and prices should be kept appropriate. People should say, 'I'm going to drive in the car and don't suffer' İnsanlar. On the other hand, the issue of public opinion I, "How do you find the cable car cost?" Participation in the survey in a short period of time, participating in the participation of participants who expressed their views of the 90'i 'very high' 8'i, only the percentage of 'normal' said 2'ı. The XNUMX slice declined to comment.

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