3 On The First Day Of Alanya Telefer Carries Thousand Visitors To The Peak

In the town of Alanya in Antalya about 37 years before the agenda, but the various reasons for the cable car project was completed yesterday and began to serve. On the first day of the official opening of Alanya Ropeway, the 3, which consists of a large number of foreign tourists, carried over a thousand visitors to the top.

Alanya Teleferik transported its first passengers yesterday from the Damlataş Beach, which was started to be built in November last year in Alanya, to the Ehmedek region, which is located within the Alanya Castle at an altitude of 300. On the first day of the cable car, 1, consisting of an 900-meter line extending from Damlataş Beach to the 17, which is the 3-1st Archaeological Site, has been visited by XNUMX thousand people, mostly foreign tourists. Domestic and foreign tourists, the world-famous Damlataş and Cleopatra beaches, climbing to the Alanya Castle by climbing the cable car, both the city's bird's-eye view, as well as all the historical texture in the center of the city had the opportunity to see one at a time.

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