Akçaray trolley cabins have a name

The tram booths buzzing in Izmit are bare. It just says "AKÇARAY".
Names, all sea boats, airplanes are named. In 2011, we were delighted to see that the name of the THY aircraft, which we boarded on the way to the United States with the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Karaosmanoğlu, the deputies Aygün and Şeker, was in Kocaeli.
We can give names to the tram cabins. I still know that the 12 is the tram cab. 6 has been ordered. Maybe in the future there will be more numbers. We can give the name of the elders who have served this city and have been eternal.
For example, Osman Gencal, Necati Gencoglu, Leyla Atakan, Nazmi Oguz, Turan Gunes, Nihat Erim can be many other names.
We can give the name of the districts of our province. When the districts are finished, we can give the names of Değirmendere, İhsaniye, Hereke and Suadiye in the big but inhabited settlement areas in the cities of Anatolia.
To give the name of tram cabins, "Kerteriz" is to put. Although it doesn't matter to some passengers, it can be important for many people.
We can name the old athletes; Avni Kalkavan, Müjdat Afşin and others.
We can put our coastal towns: Kefken, Kerpe, Halıdere, Ulaşlı, Ereğli, Bayramoğlu or something Sahil
Flower names, we can give names identified with our city: Cinar, Pismaniye, Cenesuyu, Kartepe, Mackerel, Bluefish.
We can name the neighborhoods of Izmit: Orhan, Akcakoca, Karabas, Omeraga, Bekirdere, M.Alipasa, Tepecik etc. as.
It's a color. A sign, a beauty. Perhaps a fidelity, perhaps the reminder of the city's foreigners. On the cabin cabins, AKÇARAY can be written next to it. If a human name is given, a small dashboard can be hung inside the tram cabin that is called that person. The purpose is to create a difference as the city. I'm writing to let's think, not necessarily to do this. Suggestions about other names can be taken. If we give a name to each tram by acting objectively, without looking politically, we can understand when the time comes or when we need to talk about which cabin. There is no plate in the trams, as far as I can see, there isn't even a number on buses. Let's name it. Ships, like ferries. Get the name of the planes as well as the tram cabins.

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