Zeytinburnu tram is under ground

IMM President Topbaş, KabataşThe statement that the section of the Bağcılar tram line passing through Zeytinburnu will be taken underground was welcomed in the district.

Topbaş, who examined the work of the first domestic production TBM (Tunnel Drilling Machine - Molecule) used in the European Region Drinking Water Tunnel Construction in Zeytinburnu, said, “Hopefully, we will launch this tram underground project in the near future. Thus, I hope we will solve the problem of Zeytinburnu regarding this tram. I want to express this here as a good news and I say good luck. " Evaluating his statement, Zeytinburnu Mayor Murat Aydın said that they were very happy about it.

Murat Aydın, passing through Zeytinburnu, carried out in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Kabataş- Bağcılar announced that the project for the underground tram line to be underground is about to be completed. Stating that he is very happy with the project, Aydın said, “In 2019, the efforts to take underground of our Zeytinburnu tram line will begin. Kabataş- Bağcılar Tram Line, CevizliIt will go underground from Bağ, and rise above the ground again at Merter stop. The project is considered complete. Starts in 2019; it will probably end in a year. When completed, it will solve the traffic problem in Zeytinburnu to a great extent ”.

KabataşEmphasizing that the section of the Bağcılar tram line passing through Zeytinburnu causes traffic problems, Aydın stated that for years this section has been brought underground, but the project could not be implemented due to the passage of the large water line from the Asian Side to the European Side, “From our point of view. Especially there are problems in terms of traffic. The big water line from the Asian Side to the European Side was passing under our tramway. IMM and İSKİ started a project to change it. Now, the water line is being renewed. After the renewal process is completed, the old line will be canceled and water will be supplied from the new line. The drinking water line will end in 2018. After the route of the water line changes, the work to take the Zeytinburnu tram stop underground will begin in 2019. This project will probably be completed in a year. After the route of the drinking water line changes, the tram stop in Zeytinburnu, which is a major traffic problem, will be taken underground and transformed into a metro. Thanks to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş and İSKİ took the necessary steps. When the tram is lowered underground, the traffic problem in Zeytinburnu will be solved to a great extent ”.



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