Smart stall service begins in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the public transportation vehicles will pass through the SMS and the phone to notify the citizens launched a new application. Citizens, stall and line numbers (0242) 606 07 07, or by sending an SMS to the phone, waiting for the moment when the vehicle is waiting to reach the stop.

With the increasing modern and comfortable buses, the Metropolitan Municipality further strengthens Antalya's transportation system and continues to bring public transportation services with technology in order to improve service quality and to facilitate access to vehicle voyage information for citizens. First of all, within the scope of smart transportation systems initiated with the Antalya Kart mobile app, the Metropolitan Municipality has now implemented the SMS - Interactive Voice Response System, which has provided facilities such as payment, balance loading, line and stall information from its mobile phone. When the test work is started in June and when all vehicles passing through the public transport stop will be stopped, the most SMS / Voice Response System Passenger Information Application is now provided to the passengers with their mobile phones.

In this context, all the stops in Antalya city center were numbered. Those who are waiting at the station and want to get instant information about the upcoming vehicles; You can type a line number (for example, 10013) and enter the line number (eg KL08) and send the 0242 606 07 SMS to 07. Citizens who want; (0242) By calling 606 07 07, he can access the same information as the voice response system by dialing the line number (eg 08 for KL08) if he knows the station number.

In addition, all kinds of complaints and suggestions related to transportation can also be sent to 0242 606 07 by connecting to the Transportation Call Center.

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