Şaban Bülbül: “Even after the light rail system starts today, 10 ends ül

President Bülbül said, iyle Light Rail System Project is an important project for our city but 10 should be completed but the Transport Master Plan should be implemented as soon as possible in order to relieve the traffic. X In Trabzon, traffic was locked at many points of the city with expatriates and tourists flocking to the city. . Transportation problems occurred in many parts of the city, especially the traffic drivers and citizens trapped in the way of Değirmendere and Tanjant infuriated. Şaban Bülbül, Head of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, stressed that the Transport Master Plan should be implemented as soon as possible without waiting for the implementation of the Light Rail System Project.

President Bülbül pointed out that the Light Rail System Project is a very important project for Trabzon but it is not a project that will solve the transportation problem in the city by itself. We have to solve the problems we have today with instant solutions. We need to relieve the traffic. In the case of general solutions, a Master Plan of Transportation is required for all areas of Trabzon. But unless this plan is done, this traffic problem will not be solved. Ama

Bülbül noted that the Master Plan of Transportation should be put into practice by the dynamics of Trabzon as soon as possible without wasting any time. 'The Master Plan of Transportation' includes both the boundaries of Trabzon and the certain boundaries of Giresun and Rize, both of which cover a certain part of Gümüşhane. highway, rail and freight transportation, housing roads, roads along with a plan taking into account all the values ​​are made, karayolu he said.

Bülbül continued his words as follows:'n It is necessary to plan the entrance of Arsin and Yomra not only for Kaşüstü but also for solving the traffic problem in Kaşüstü. Furthermore, the entrance of Değirmendere should be planned at all points. In other words, Transportation Master Plan should be made by taking into account all points. You need to consider all the roads and points. This is called the Senior Transportation Master Plan. After doing this, certain points are started and when all of them are fulfilled, Trabzon will not have any transportation problems ık

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