Mayor Topbaş visited the archaeological excavation site in Beşiktaş Metro Station

Mayor Kadir Topbaş visited the archaeological excavation area at Beşiktaş Metro Station with the members of the press and said, daki 82,5 of Kabataş-Mahmutbey Metro was completed. We are planning to open Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey from the second half of 2018. Kabatas-Mecidiyeköy may extend to the June of 2019 due to archaeological excavations Kab.

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, gave information about the archaeological excavations in Kabataş-Mahmutbey Metro Station.

Zeynep Kızıltan, the director of Istanbul Archaeological Museums, informed the journalists about the works carried out by the Mayor and said that they are planning to complete the archaeological excavations started in 2016 by the end of this year.

24,5 kilometers on Kabatas-Mahmutbey Metro Line Besiktas Metro Station because of the historical traces of archaeological excavations, 3. According to the proposal of the Board for the Preservation of Cultural and Natural Assets, the Directorate of Archeology and Museums has continued with the scientific support of Istanbul University.

”We are witnessing the traces of history in every investment“

De We also come across the traces of history many times in the works that we made in Istanbul, the cradle of civilizations, the chest of the history. We have reached the 8 bin 500 yearly history at Yenikapı Subway Station. In other words, the history of Istanbul has begun to be rearranged dı said Kadir Topbaş.

X Before the Yenikapı excavation, the city's 4 thousand-year history was mentioned. But 8 emerged from an annual trace of the thousand 500. This history of Istanbul is very important in terms of history of culture and civilization. We have completed the works in Yenikapı with very meticulous work under the supervision of our Directorate of Archeology and Museums in Yenikapı and Istanbul University. The project that will make Yenikapı a Museum Station is currently in the tender phase. This is very exciting, I believe, will be an important destination for tourism. They're similar in different parts of the world. But it's not as old as our history. We care about this. Bu

Ke We are the only municipality that allocates money to the archaeological excavations in the world “

Stating that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is the only local administration in the world to carry out such archaeological studies, Mayor Topbaş said “We are making an example by making the excavations carried out by universities and countries abroad personally. Regardless of their costs, we made these studies with the idea that the values ​​reached will be an important source of the memory of the city. We made these works knowing the contribution of Yenikapı Metro Station to this city as Museum Station. The cost of the archaeological excavation in Besiktas to our municipality so far has found 10 million pounds. Local governments do not allocate shares to archaeological excavations. They do not stop over, try to transfer to the relevant ministries. Üzerinde

Historical Depth Extending to 1200

Besiktas excavation area 1900 square meters station in the area of ​​the station, indicating that the Topbas, gave the following information; I This is an area where we could build an open underground station. The archaeological excavation covers an area of ​​800 square meters. Here we work meticulously. 19 in layers. There are traces of the century and the present. But when we went down a little, we found the early iron age findings in 1200-800 before Christ. We see the traces of this. Bun

In the past, the Bosphorus in the form of an Golden Horn into the inner point of thinking that the right and this region may be a mouth of a stream voicing the topbas, said:

Iyor The topography makes this feel. We think that there might be a settlement in the style of a fishing village, not to the middle points of this bed, but to the bottom of the existing buildings. We see this at the edges of the Bosphorus. The tombs are found here and there are traces of the early iron age. There is a history in this part of Istanbul. Such a beautiful city, a city we can call heaven on earth, of course, could not have been discovered by civilizations in history. Surely people came and settled here and benefited from the beauty of this city. Traces of this have reached us. The findings here will give us important results. From the Ottoman period, we see the rails of the old tram depot in the upper layer. There are tomb layers below. There are wells drilled in the Ottoman period at one point. Nok

Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Line Will Grow to Second Half of 2018

Stating that they continue the construction of the Kabataş-Mahmutbey Line with two stages, Topbaş said,, We are planning to open Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey after the second half of 2018. Kabatas-Mecidiyeköy may extend to June of 2019. The work of the second stage will be finished. Access to Kabataş by metro is an important work. We estimate that one million passengers a day can be used when the Kabataş-Mahmutbey Metro, which passes through the whole town of 8, is completed. This place is a very important main spine metro line. There's more to this line. Kabataş will go to Karaköy direction and become connected to Şişhane Station. from mahmutbey Halkalı will go. Some of these studies are in the tender stage. The tunnel excavations of Kabataş-Mahmutbey Metro Line were completed on 82,5 scale. Our work in the underground continues intensively Y.

Topbaş stated that he wanted the Directorate of Archeology and Museums from 7-24 to finish this excavation until the end of this year. Im The dig ends so that we can start making our subway station here. If the excavation is prolonged, delays occur in the metro line. As an architect and art historian, I don't think there will be different things in the lower levels. I'm guessing there's nothing else going on, even deeper, because it's a brook up to Yıldız Avenue. If it does, of course, we call our fate, our excuse and the memory of the city. Çık

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