Europe's Best Space Center Founded

Within the scope of Gökmen Project of Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Gökmen Space Aviation and Training Center (GUHEM), which will be one of the first 5 space and aviation center in Europe, was laid with the ceremony attended by Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Işık. . In total, I designed an architecture GUHE attention in 13 thousand square meters, Turkey will be the first space-themed educational center.

BTSO, which carries out studies to make Bursa a voice in the sectors such as space, aviation and defense, has signed another first in the scope of Gökmen Project. In line with the work of the Aeronautics and Defense Council, BTSO gathered the companies operating in the sector under the same roof with Clustering and Ur-Ge projects and laid the foundation of an exemplary project. The foundation of Gökmen Space Aviation and Training Center, which was designed with the support of TÜBİTAK and Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, was laid with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Işık and Bursa protocol.


Deputy Prime Minister Fikri Işık, Bursa is always a city excited him, he said. Fikri Işık, who stated that every time he came to Bursa, they laid the foundation of a project or made the opening, congratulated BTSO for GÖKMEN and GUHEM Project. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's 'Istikbal is in the heavens' that reminds Fikri Işık, "GUHEM will contribute greatly to the leap of our country's space and aviation," he said.


Pointing out that the basis of science is curiosity and questioning, Işık said that societies that do not have sufficient mathematics, science, technology and engineering education cannot produce science. Space that it is important to awaken curiosity and livestock facilities such as GUHE'm pointing Intellectual Light, "20 years later, the best city in Turkey's aerospace and aviation, I can say from Bursa today. GUHEM has a big role at this point. BTSO's Gökmen Project continues to excite me since the first day. When this facility is over, our children's interest in space and aviation will increase even more. Bu


Ibrahim Burkay, Chairman of BTSO, emphasized that Bursa, which is the center of the sectors such as automotive, textile and machinery, is open to development in high technology sectors such as space, aviation and defense. BCCI's macro projects located between Gökmen'l the aerospace, aviation and defense areas in Bursa expressed their desire to move into an important center President Burkay, "Turkey's assume a different role in the destination Bursa, it is getting its first astronaut our country an infrastructure that will grow. Together with TÜBİTAK and Büyükşehir Municipality, we are bringing a very important investment to our city about 200 million TL ve.


President Burkay, GUHEM'ın 1 announced that they intend to open to service in a period close to the year. Temel The basis of every project is a dream. We have a dream for our country and our city, kay said Ibrahim Burkay, ”GUHEM will be a new generation education center for our youth. We wish to raise awareness of the new generation in space and aerospace with the many events we organize. Biz

"Turkey's emergence from Bursa Gökmen vision of urban space and the President Ibrahim Burkay, indicating mobilization that began in the field of aviation," We believe that our city will be the center of the aerospace and defense industry in the near future, "he said.


Bursa Governor İzzettin Small, stating that Turkey's export target of 500 billion dollars, "Bursa is one of the closest cities in Turkey this goal. 25 billion dollars trade volume with production potential and Bursa, Turkey's strategic importance in moving targets. To overcome these goals, we need to produce more. With the projects implemented by BTSO, we will reach important targets in production and export. This center will also contribute greatly to our city and region. I would like to thank BTSO for the value it has added to the city economy B.


Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, stating that the guhem the first and only center in Turkey, "I wish good luck to our Bursa Merkem us and our region. In order to produce high value-added production, we have to raise the new generation well. In this sense, the location of GUHEM is very important. This center will be the first in Turkey to do together with the BCCI. With this center, Bursa will be in the world league. In this center, our children and young people will learn everything about aeronautics and aviation Bu.


BCCI Assembly President Remzi heel, wished to be beneficial for guhem Bursa and Turkey. 128 has a long history of BTSO'nun under the leadership of the projects that add value to the city that has been signed Topuk, "Our country and our city will continue to work to bring studies that add vision to the world," he said.

TÜBİTAK Vice President Mehmet Şahin Gök said that they are an institution that supports technology as TUBITAK and they continue to support people who are engaged in science with the hand of both university and private sector.

After the speeches, the Minister Intellectual Light, Burkay President and members of the protocol, Turkey's first space-themed center pushed the button to throw the basis of guhem.


The 13 will be located in the center with a closed area of ​​about one thousand square meters. With the aim of increasing the awareness of the young people at the primary and secondary level on space and aviation, GUHEM will have different applications such as 150 more interactive devices, aerospace, space innovation center and vertical wind tunnel. With the goal of being one of the best in Europe and one of the world's first 5 aviation and space themed centers, GUHEM will be built with a remarkable architecture. The first floor of the GUHEM will feature aircraft simulators that shed light on the development of aviation. On the second floor called Space Floor, information on atmosphere events, solar system, planets and galaxies will be presented. With the gravitational space on this floor, visitors to the center will be able to experience the gravitational environment.



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