In Egypt the decision of the train crash was decided for emergency officials

It was decided for emergency medical workers who took photos instead of doing their duty in the train accident in Egypt recently.

Recent events in the aftermath of the big train accident in Alexandria, Egypt are being discussed. Egyptian Ministry of Health was involved in the event when two emergency medics gathered great reaction to the photographic withdrawal in the debris area.


Egyptian Ministry of Health spokesman Khaled Mujahid made the following statements on the subject: tren Alexandria train crash wreckage emergency officials who photographed the country's end point of the Western region of Egypt-Libya border SivaOasis'e transported. ”

The Mujahideen also stated that the emergency officers carried the dead and wounded in the accident and took photos after finishing their work and they actually did a great job. Ahmet Ensari, the head of the emergency response team, said, ardından This decision was taken after the interviews and evaluations. We will not allow such events to happen again. ”

In the recent accident, 41 people lost their lives and 132 people were injured. The Alexandria train accident is considered to be the largest train accident in Egypt since Abdulfettah Sisi assumed the presidency.

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