7 trillion dollars in the logistics market, making Turkey the base plan

A first came true. In Ankara, the government, the private sector and all the parties of logistics met at the same table for the master plan. The aim of the 7 trillion dollar global logistics market, Turkey is to base the advantages of geographic location.

Turkey's 2023 year targets and 2035 - 2050 target year, which will determine the basic principles and policies for logistics projects will cover the vision of Turkey Logistics Master Plan (TLMP) project preparation work UDHB Railway Regulatory began at the General Directorate of Administration.

From the world-wide logistics market reached a volume of 7 trillion dollars to increase the share of Turkey Turkey Logistics Master Plan (TLMP) project preparation work began in UDHB Railway Regulatory Directorate General for Administration. 84 licensed warehouses in Turkey, thousands 223 warehouse, 19 free zone, 466 small industrial sites, 298 OSB, 28 freight port, terminal and 20 logistics center to connect to both each other and international road problems in this regard, in order to determine solutions and business calendar The preliminary report of the workshop will be announced soon. Turkey took place in July 25 1 Logistics Master Plan. The draft report prepared as a result of the organization of the data obtained from the workshop was sent to the participants. 14 received returns as of August. It is expected to be announced in the coming days.

The series of workshops organized by the General Directorate of Rail Regulation are also on the agenda of the logistics sector. The sector is very concerned about the work that brings together all the public, all the public, railway, maritime, air and highway NGOs.

Each segment is in an effort to reflect their own problems and views on the report. Turkey Logistics Master Plan (TLMP) Workshop on Turkey's objectives and 2023 years 2035 - 2050 years to cover the vision and goals of transport - will determine the basic principles and policies for logistics projects. logistics base may be in the region of Turkey, to determine the needs of the logistics industry to increase the share of logistics in the economy. The new logistics center will determine the location criteria of the village / center / bases, re-evaluate the existing ones and improve other logistics activities.
"Turkey would be an international base"

Turkey's position in the Report was determined as follows:

► Turkey; It is a logistic base that can provide distribution and service to existing and potential markets in the strategic area between Asia and Europe. It is also a transit country for North African and Central Asian countries.

► presence on the world's most important energy pathways increases the operational strength in the logistics sector in Turkey.

► It is one of the largest fleets in Europe and has an advanced road transportation network by providing sufficient capital accumulation in land transportation.

► Turkey is a candidate to be the logistics base in Europe; It is a country where companies with foreign capital compete with each other due to their growing economy and geographical superiority.

► In the logistics area, 2005 billion dollars foreign capital investment has been realized between 2015-1.9.

► logistics constitute xnumx'lik percent of Turkey's GDP.

► Turkey is making available goods production and the production and sales company 85% of the movements themselves.

►Service cost ratio: Sales price varies between 8-15.
Logistics centers were taken up

Logistic centers were also discussed at the workshop. The problems arising from not being integrated with other modes of transportation were discussed. There has been an agreement on providing railway connections to ports, OIZs, OIZs and factories.
What did the industry representatives say?
The workshop will make a major contribution to the master plan
► General Director of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTİKAD) Cavit Uğur:

Turkey Logistics Master Plan 1. The workshop was held in 25 July 2017 in Ankara. After the opening speech of UDHB Deputy Undersecretary Orhan Birdal, Bimtaş and MCE companies, which carried out the master plan studies, made three presentations that summarized the current situation as the first step of the master plan study. The afternoon session was held in a workshop format by dividing all participants into different working groups. In the seven groups formed, priority issues were identified within the framework of the determined issues and solutions were proposed for them. We are confident that the problems and solutions offered in this workshop will contribute to master plan studies. Master plan work is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

In addition to the field work, it was informed that 2 workshops were planned. It is considered that the studies are supported by experienced academicians and the current situation determination has been done in detail. It is observed that this workshop, which is observed to be held with the participation of a wide range of stakeholders, is carried out with more comprehensive and high level participation in the following stages, and that the public institutions and the private sector and their representative civil organizations are given the utmost importance.
Plan, logistics costs and important for the international center
► UND Chief Executive Officer Fatih Şener:

Master plan is very important. Turkey's existing logistics infrastructure, road, rail and airline's role in this matter, often associated with Turkey's overall development. We are very concerned about the reduction of general logistics costs. We also see the logistics of backward regions. We contribute to the meeting as UND. When the logistics costs decrease, the cost of Turkish products will decrease and the competitiveness in international markets will increase. This aspect will add power to Turkey. Turkey plans to be at the point of logistics base will play a very important role. Because Turkey has this potential and geographic location. The government has invested heavily in transport over the last 15 year, but it must be complementary to international corridors.

Baku - Tbilisi - Kars will be opened until the end of the year, but after Kars, Ankara requires a fast connection. Turkey of the sea on the main roads in the north-south axis in the east-west axis road as we need to connect very quickly. Because logistics chooses the fast and cheap way. Turkey is an attractive country will also increase the investment attractiveness as a logistics. It will be able to choose foreign eastern regions as its production base.
This was the first time in our industry
► General Director of Railway Transport Association Yasar Rota:

The representative of each mode of transport expressed problems and suggestions. Summary report came. It was efficient. Because it's the first meeting. Initially, we understood that this issue is being tried to be solved very quickly. Secondly, it covers everyone. This means that logistics centers will be built. 3 workshop will be held. Will there be international or international thematic will be production-based will be a lot of things will occur. But at every opportunity I say that without the master plan of transport without a logistic master plan. It's a good thing to walk together. I think they're gonna put her on the move now. They are in such a study.

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