400 meter viaduct to OMU tram line

In the Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMÜ) Light Rail System Project, the construction of which has started, the train will go to the campus with a 400-meter viaduct.

Works on OMÜ Light Rail System Line built by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality continue day and night. The 400-meter-long viaduct, which has been started to be built on the route, is especially noteworthy.

Providing information about the works, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Yurt said, “It is a route of approximately 6 kilometers. The contractor company has started a fast work in all 6 kilometers. There is a 400-meter long viaduct and a cut and cover tunnel on the route. Work continues day and night. If there is no problem, we will complete the route on 08.08.18. We thank our university administration for their support in our work here. We may cause some discomfort due to the work on campus. We apologize for this in advance. But when the tram comes into service a year later, fatigue and troubles will be forgotten. Samsun Metropolitan Municipality will have signed a big project ”.

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