3 different scenarios with 10 thousand passengers at the 200rd Airport

Stating that they are working on 3 different scenarios for the opening of the 29rd airport planned on 2018 October 200, Hüseyin Keskin, Chief Executive Officer of IGA Airport Operations, said, `` First trials until the flight stage with 'so-called 29 thousand passengers' to be provided from university students and caste companies before October 10. to do. For the first trial, the caste agency will bring us 3 thousand passengers ”.

With the goal of being the largest and best airport in the world, the construction of the Istanbul 3 Airport, which is under construction rapidly, started a comprehensive preparatory process for the operation of 24 within hours. Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Airport Executive Board President Hüseyin Keskin said that they had started the Operational Preparation and Airport Transfer (ORAT) period for the opening of the airport and that they had held meetings on 50 since June and told Hürriyet for the first time.

According to Hürriyet newspaper Elif Ergu, Hüseyin Keskin, who came to IGA as a transfer from TAV, said: acak It will be the most comprehensive airport transportation in the world. We examine the previous examples very well. We detect deficiencies in those studies. We also recruited experts from these operations. Kad Hüseyin Keskin explained the preparations step by step.
“We had 50 meeting”

Istanbul's 3 airport construction is progressing rapidly. On the one hand, you started to work for the first days. What do you do?

  • Since June, we have held meetings with all our solution partners on 50. For the first time, an airport of 70 million will be transported all the way to 45 kilometers. Operationally, this requires meticulous work. That's why we started ORAT.

What is ORAT? The fact that the construction is finished quickly does not mean that the airport can run immediately, doesn't it?

  • The discipline of building construction into an airport is called ORAT. In order for the airport to be operational, all systems must be ready, tested and able to work together. We have as many stakeholders as 200. They will get to know each other well, fit their systems and work together.
    20 team of people

Who is in the ORAT team?

  • We have a valuable team. The team at the airport through many of life in the world both in Turkey and the ones before, colleagues working in the beginning. People who have joined Terminal ORATs. We are total 20 people. 3 is Korean, two Danish and one German.

Which country has the best experience?

  • In fact, Turkey will make a first. Because 70 will carry an airport with a capacity of million passengers. South Korea has carried its 45 million-capacity airport to 40 kilometers away. Incheon Airport opened. There are also experienced staff in Copenhagen. We take advantage of all of this.

Everyone from State Airports Authority to all companies serving at the airport is involved in this study. What are you doing step by step?

  • First of all, we are preparing a scenario together. Preparing the full 200 scenario. Thanks to these scenarios, all stakeholders who will use the airport and serve here will become familiar with the airport.

Are they always on the screen?

  • Yeah. But not always.

When will the trials begin and how will you do them?

  • 6 months before the opening will be small trials, but 3 months before the trial will do. In the first step, 10 will announce close to a thousand passengers. For these passengers, we will work with caste agencies and universities. The arrival and departure of these people will be covered and they will receive some, if not much, money. We have a budget of 2 million dollars for this business.

What will happen on the first try?

  • For example, in the first attempt, the caste agency will bring us 3 thousand passengers. They will come to the airport as they embark on a journey. They will pass through the X-Ray, from the pairing of the baggage and the passenger to the aircraft, all information will be streamed. This is the simplest. In the second attempt, a team will come from abroad and go to the country, for example we will buy 30 thousand baggage, they will circulate in the system. Domestic, international flights will be made.

Ground trials without boarding Uç

  • Yeah. In the 3 phase, unexpected trials will be conducted. They will be sent to emergency exits etc. The next step will be for advanced trials. Many systems will be implemented in one scenario. Scenarios where over one thousand passengers arrive for different journeys at the same time will be activated. These are all airless trials. 5'inci trial will be made by plane. The first flights will be for trials before 29 October. We are planning to make 3-4 airplane trials. Transfer of baggage and load systems to the aircraft display will be experienced. Airplane landing and takeoff. He won't go anywhere. In the next step, there are airplanes and passengers, and what will happen in cases such as accidents, air faults and fire will be tried. In total, the 6 scenario will be tried in the 200 phase before the airport is opened.

How soon will all this be done?

  • These trials will not be performed on 1 days. It will spread for a while. Deficiencies will be identified here. Meanwhile, all institutions work for them. DHM, Turkish Airlines national flag carrier will be moved with all its offices.

Ecek It will grow as it is filled ”

We see that there is a lot of work. First of all, will 29 be fully opened in October?

  • Trying to do that. 30 employs over a thousand people. You need to update these numbers constantly, because the number is constantly changing. 29 in October. phase will be opened. In this phase there is the 1 parallel runway. These runways are 2 meters. One plane will land and another take off. Between the 1700 runway and the 2 runway is the 3 meter. Runway widths, auxiliary runways will be opened. Maintenance and repair units, warehouses will be opened. THY and other airline carriers, ground handling companies, catering companies will open places. 2575 29 will be launched on the runway in 16 months after the opening in October. In the first phase the passenger capacity will be 3 million. When all stages are completed, this capacity will increase to 90 million.

Will the new airport reach this capacity?

  • Today's investments are not made with this in mind. There are flights to destinations close to 300 at Atatürk Airport. This number will increase to more destinations than 350 with the new airport. The number of daily departures will be around 1.600-1.700. In the 90 million passengers projection, the number of landing stays will be over 2 thousand. Currently, 114 will be the passenger bridge that can serve the aircraft. With the 374 narrow-body aircraft and the 274 wide-body aircraft, the 233 open parking position will be available. When the saturation of 90 million is reached, the 3 phase will begin. This ensures that no idle capacity is made, and you continue to produce as you fill it. As you fill, you grow.
    “THY 3 will be moved daily”

How many days does it take for THY to move?

  • THY tariffs cannot be completed in 1 days. All aircraft take off on 3 already. It only takes 3 days to move THY. Departures will be given from Ataturk Airport, landings will be made to IGA.

Istanbul is moving in the air! Isn't it creepy?

  • All this with a very good planning. In the meantime, not only airplanes will be transported; Special big trucks will work for this. In some periods, maybe some roads will be closed to traffic during the day. Very large vehicles and parts to be moved. There is also a section on safety. For the first time in the world, 70 million employees will travel to the 45 kilometers. Our current ORAT team will also be 20 people, but will reach 36 people after Christmas.

“We will not make mistakes of Kuala Lumpur and London”

How was this done at other airports? I've seen the opening documentary of Dubai Airport. Are there airports with big errors?

  • No, okay? We are trying to do this job flawlessly, like pulling hair out of butter. Kuala Lumpur and London Heathrow 5 on World. Terminal Building has openings. In Kuala Lumpur, wrong information is loaded into the central system and the error grows like a snowball, passengers are directed to the wrong planes. The error also hangs outside the terminal management. When the wrong information is entered in the air conditioning system, it is freezing cold inside the airport.

What happened in London? Even if the British cannot do it perfectly, one cannot stop thinking düşün

  • Certainly, it is a job that needs to be worked with detailed and strict discipline. There are problems with apron cards in Heathrow. There are places where all staff can enter according to the work they do. Domestic lines like air side, land side, luggage area. They have access rights. For example, your card has an 10 digit, the 6 of which is on. Registration number is given to each person. In London, with a number error, the security officer could not go to the place where he would provide safety, he could not go to the ground handling officer field, and 5 thousand vehicles remained in one day at the opening of Terminal 5. Passengers miss their planes because they cannot park their vehicles in vain due to inaccuracies in the parking system. We're working so we don't have to.

“Parking to be booked”

It is said that new technology applications will be used. What exactly are they?

  • I'll start very prepared. What will you do step by step before your flight will come to your mobile phone. We set out to be the best airport using the most advanced technology. If you are going to drive by road, you will be given traffic status with the application you have installed on your mobile phone. If you leave a car in Otopraka, you will be able to make a reservation and park directly at the place reserved for you and you will be directed to the nearest door. If you are going to the subway, you will also go to the most appropriate gate. The application will recognize you in time. For example, if you buy a lot of books, discount book information at the airport, new book information will come to you. You will know how many steps and how many minutes to get to the gate.

“8 bin camera”

What is being done for security?

  • Bringing the latest and advanced security tools. In advanced technology, the feeling of being in a safe place at the airport will not be given in a grueling way. Passengers will be made without being felt. 8 thousand cameras to be placed. When luggage and passengers leave, the security will determine this and warn the security. The security company is set up privately.
    Who is Hüseyin Keskin?

After graduating from Hüseyin Keskin Pertevniyal High School, he completed his undergraduate education in the Department of Mathematics at Boğaziçi University.

After completing his Master's degree in Business Administration at Marmara University, he continued his doctoral studies in Finance at the same university. Turkish Airlines Ground Operations President and Turkey's largest business location, company TGS Founder serving as General Manager with sharp then as TAV Park Headquarters, IDO General Secretary, TAV Airports Holding Executive Committee of the Aviation and Ground Operation Keskin worked for the management of the Medina Airport project, which TAV built, and worked on the implementation of the airport operation.

Source : the site www.hurriyet.com.tr



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