15 works at the Martyrs Bridge this late at midnight

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 15 July Martyrs Bridge maintenance and repair work will be completed by midnight and the bridge will be opened to the 3 lane departure, 3 lane arrival will be opened, he said.

Arslan, said in a statement, the holiday before the holiday they want to give some gospel to save, 30 planned to be finished in August, but later the 25 August bridge repair work to give the good news that it will be finished by midnight.

After the last renewal of the bridge in the 26 annually in the mastic asphalt has identified significant deterioration of voicing Arslan, the bridge repair work on the 12 started in June and the superstructure renovation work took place at the 4 stage.

Arslan stated that the entire superstructure of the bridge was renewed along with the asphalt as well as the insulation and expansion joints, and said that the surface was renewed in the main clearance area of ​​36 thousand 86 and 14 thousand 580 square meters.

Minister Arslan, 82 personnel in the field with the team 3 7 24 hours of non-stop working hours, renewed the bridge before the day of the holiday emphasized 10 will be offered to the service of the citizen.

”40 has been renewed“

Arslan said, Ars We are finishing the work at midnight. 15 July Martyrs Bridge will be serving to our people, passengers and drivers as 3 lanes going 3 lanes going from midnight to XNUMX lanes. Temmuz

Previously on the bridge in the free passage system voicing application was launched Arslan, but the fun of this is not enough, after midnight, drivers will enjoy the free passage said.

Arslan emphasized that the 40 of the bridge has been renewed and that the bridge is strengthened and earthquake resistant.

”6-7 will last for the next renovation“

Arslan said, lar We have done all the yearly maintenance of the 40 of the bridge. Ün After that, when the asphalt renovation needs of the bridge, 2,5-3 applied a new method so that the moon could not last.

The existing asphalt in the main opening of the bridge is reminiscent of 40 millimeters, the work to be done with the new asphalt 25 millimeter mastic and 25 millimeter stone mastic asphalt will be paved in the form of layered 2 layered.

The total thickness of the 50 millimeters has been removed to draw attention Arslan, said:

Sür This app took about 2,5-3 months. 12 started in June. Even though we finished so early, 70 took our time. We renewed the asphalt method. After that, the earliest 20 will be needed at the earliest, but the asphalt part of the 25 millimeter stone will be scraped and the asphalt will be poured again on the same night. So if you think that both lanes are taking 2 days, the entire asphalt renovation of the bridge will be completed in 6 or 7 days. If you look at today, we have finished the earliest work 70 days. So there will be a shortened in 10. Yani

Arslan emphasized that months after the maintenance works will end, 15 stressed that the July Martyrs' Bridge will not have to be closed for a long time.

Camlica Toll is also released

Arslan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge in Istanbul, Mahmutbey toll booths and 15 July Martyrs Bridge is already a free pass system, stating that, iş We had a work in this direction Çamlıca tolls. 25 will be completed in August, and the free pass will begin here as well.

Free pass through lane changing, zigzag do not happen, such as the speed will not be cut, voicing Arslan, normally ticked at the speed of tolls will not pass the traffic will be stressed.

Arslan said, olduğun Our previous practices have shown us that there is a 30 relief. 25 at Çamlıca tolls will be transformed into free passage system by August, and we will have provided 30 relief by removing the tolls completely. Çam

Ac We will stop road construction, repair and maintenance across the country “

Arslan said that 10 will stop all maintenance, repair and road construction works in all of the roads in 81 province for the comfort of the drivers and passengers during the feast day.

30 will not be charged until 5 in 07.00 starting from August. Bridge and motorways operated by the General Directorate of Highways during the festival will not be charged until XNUMX September, Arslan said that they continue to work for people and passengers to travel more comfortably.

Arslan, adding that they put additional flights in all areas of transportation, with the appropriate buses, open the way for additional flights, increased the capacity of the road road stressed.

Arslan, who called on the drivers to follow the rules, added that they would do whatever they could to make them feel comfortable during the holiday period and they would do it.

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