Yenişehir-Osmaneli YHT Project in the Tender Stage

Yenişehir-Osmaneli YHT Project Tender Stage: Bilecik Province Coordination Board Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Tahir Büyükak.

At the meeting held at the Provincial General Assembly Meeting Hall, Governor Büyükakın noted that many projects took place throughout Bilecik and that 2017 projects were implemented in 676.

Stating that 81 of the projects have been completed by the end of the period and work continues on 208 of them, Governor Büyükakın said, “85 projects are at the tender stage and 302 of them have not started yet. The total amount of the projects is around 1 billion 552 million TL. He said that the total amount of allowances allocated in 2017 is around 350 million lira, and 89 million 780 thousand liras have been spent and 25 percent cash realization has been achieved.

TCDD 1. Sebahttin Kara, Regional Director, Maintenance Manager, stated that the total number of projects in Bilecik region is 23., Our total project amount is 220 million. Our expenses in the previous years 2 million 37 thousand pounds. 2 million 154 thousand pounds spent until the end of the term. Material realization percentage is 11, physical realization is% 14, project number is 3, number of ongoing project is 6, project number is in the tender phase 7, our project number is under follow-up 2 5, our projects can not start 663 units. Haydarpaşa kilometers from Ankara, 665 to 265. The highway was lowered in Bozüyük station, which was crossed. The project is still underway by the contractor. It hasn't started yet. Kilometer 944 We have an overpass work in Yeşilkent in 70. 4,5% of this is completed. The beams were in the stage. As of last week, the rafters were installed. Now we are about to begin the work of the earth mix and approach fillings. In addition to this, the construction of the 12 kilometer road, which will provide the connection to the OIZ in Bozüyük, has started. When it is done, the 8 of the 4 kilometer of the OSB already belongs to our old railways. When the XNUMX kilometer is completed, the studies will begin. The first stage of the OIZ has been completed. The second stage is at the tender stage. It is being monitored by the general directorate. Genel

High Speed ​​Train 1. Regional Manager Duran Yaman stated that there is an 74 speedometer in Bilecik and 2 garage and 1 maintenance department. We have an 1 investment. From İnönü to Ali Fuat Pasha, we have an existing way to approach tunnels and other art structures in emergency situations. However, we have a project and nationalization tender to improve this. Now in the auction stage 439 million 810 thousand pounds. The total number of projects carried out by our Directorate General 3, the number of projects in progress 3. After completion of the projects here, our arrival to Istanbul Pendik from Bilecik will be shortened by 30 or 40 minutes. We plan to complete this project in 2020. Our investments for Osmaneli and Yenişehir are now completed in the tender phase. It is intended to be completed at the end of 2019 between Bilecik and Osmaneli. Yenişehir-Osmaneli project is in the tender stage. Yen


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