Minister Arslan, "We intend to reactivate the Istanbul-Aqaba line"

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said that they planned to re-activate the line between Aqaba in Istanbul and Jordan.

Arslan, who came to Jordan yesterday with his delegation, met with Jordanian officials in the city of Aqaba during his visit.

During his meeting with Nasir co-Şeride, President of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, Arslan said, “We came together with the director of Turkish Airlines (THY) before coming to Jordan. We intend to re-activate the Istanbul-Aqaba line. ” said.

The line in question about 1 million 408 thousand dollars annually led to the damage, negotiations about the removal of taxes taken from the call and the line should be re-opened Arslan, in this framework, Turkish Airlines said the tax will be sent to discuss the tax imposed on the voyages.

Arslan noted that the Istanbul-Aqaba line might be activated next year, even if not this year, and that THY can pursue a profit and loss account as a private company.

Arslan stated that they discussed the status of Ro-Ro flights between Aqaba and Iskenderun and said that these flights would provide job opportunities for truck owners and the private sector would benefit from it. Arslan stated that the drivers should be given the convenience to the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia. He emphasized that if the working areas of the drivers are limited to Aqaba only, this will not bring any benefit to them.

Turkish Airlines started three flights a week from Istanbul to Aqaba in 2013, but these flights were abolished on October 3.

Jordan and Turkish governments agreed on the launch of Ro-Ro flights between Iskenderun and Aqaba in March 2016, but this did not enter into force.

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