Üzülmez: am Kartepe ropeway project was brought to the tender stage Üz

The subject of the cable car to the summit of Kartepe has long been on the agenda of Kartepe Municipality.

Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez made a statement about the news that the cable car project has been resumed and stated that the news were not correct.

Üzülmez said:
Iştir The Municipality of Kartepe has now reached the final stage in the ropeway project of the Metropolitan Municipality. The project was completed and all permits were obtained. There is no shortage of permits on the ropeway. As the project is in the procurement process, we cannot explain the cost for the time being. However, the Kartepe cable car, which has only been spoken for the 50 year, is now able to be implemented as soon as possible. Ancak


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