The day was born to the free of charge in an unsupervised tram

Free riders were born on the uncontrolled tram: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started pre-operation flights on April 11. Karşıyaka the tram was free until 1 June.

However, when the installation of one of the transformers could not be completed, it continued to provide free service until the end of Ramadan Feast. When the necessary precautions were not taken on the tram, which was paid since June 28, citizens tried to use the tram without pay.


The fact that some citizens who need to pass through the turnstiles by paying a fee, taking advantage of the fact that every part of the tram stop is open and that sufficient control cannot be provided, showed the Metropolitan's inadequacy of operation.

Karşıyaka Although the tram runs every 5 minutes, the free passenger transport continued until the end of the Ramadan Feast due to the delay in the installation of one of the transformers that will enable it to start operating. Ending their free flights on June 28 and moving to paid business Karşıyaka The tram stayed in the classroom when measures were inadequate. The entrance and exit of the tram stop is very easy, causing the citizens to pass free of charge, and this situation leads to controversy between the people who use the tram by paying the fee and the citizens who are on the lookout.

Source: EVRİM ÖZSAY - is

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