Two new OSBs in Konya

Two new OSBs in Konya: Memiş Kütükcü 4, President of the Konya Chamber of Industry. Organized Industrial Zone has been completed, 5'de the expiration of the nationalization said. Logger 6. In the industrial zone gave the good news that the Ministry has applied

Kütükcü, with the opening of new expansion areas in the Konya Organized Industrial Zone, the investments made here will make significant contributions to the production, export and employment of the city, buraya God willing, we will become an industrial city that competes with the world, cü he said. Kütükcü, Konya-Karaman-Mersin Accelerated Railway Line with the full activation of this axis will become a new “Industrial Basin yeni and new national and international investments in the region can be attracted signals.

Memiş Kütükcü'nin explanations of the line heads as follows;


Konya Organized Industrial Zone's 4. The new 5 indicates that the work on the part expansion ends. Memişcü, Chairman of the Board of Konya Chamber of Industry, who gave information about the expansion area of ​​the part bilgi 4. In the section, the allocation process was completely terminated. 5 now. we are preparing for part studies and project design. 4. 4 year 104 was allocated about 80 a year ago, and their 80 has started production. This 4 factory is currently producing at full capacity. Our other companies are continuing their construction activities. While these investments in 5 continue, we continue the preparation phase of 5. Currently 5. the process of expropriation continues and the end is approached. As soon as this expropriation process is completed, we will start our activities in order to add a new Organized Industry to Konya. But XNUMX. It is not possible to give a date about when the part will come into play and unfortunately it is not possible to proceed with the proceedings Kıs.


Pass the projected activities and the anticipated new organized industrial zone in Konya Konya in Turkey and would contribute greatly to the economy Memis indicating Kütükçü; UM Konya OSB 5. The part expansion area will have an area of ​​about 7 million square meters. Net allocation area was calculated as 4 million 700 thousand square meters. So far, the demand from our industrialists is around 16 million square meters. So the area that can be allocated is pretty much the demand of 4 in our region. The fact that the demand is so high is 6. and our ministry 6. We have applied for the location selection of the part. The process continues in the Ministry. If we give information about the size of the new region, ie the size of the 6, the size of the new region will be as large and large as 19 million square meters. Yeni


Chairman of the Board of Konya Chamber of Industry Memiş Kütükcü; "Konya new expansion areas in osb'miz If we think for Turkey and Konya, and employment, and exports, we can say that both the king moves to lift production. In line with our studies, we call the Konya-Karaman-Mersin basin as the new Marmara Basin in the industrial field. Therefore, the Konya-Karaman-Mersin basin can be considered as the production basin of the future. The new Konya, Mersin and Karaman Accelerated Railway Lines signal that this project will support a hinterland network. With this railway network, access to the port will be 1 and will be a great contribution to the returns of the new production basin. In this way, we will see that the logistic support provided by the Konya industry to the world has also been provided Bu.

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