Tünektepe Project Confirmation from the Assembly

Tünektepe Project Approval from the Assembly: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's worldwide vision projects for Tünektepe Metropolitan Council was approved. President Türel said that they had started preparations for the tender and said, arı We will provide a beautiful facility to decorate postcards with symbolic significance and value to Tünektepe which is worthy of Antalya. İhale

The second session of the July Assembly of the Metropolitan Municipality was held. At the meeting, the Metropolitan Municipality's vision project, Tünektepe an important bend was passed. The project, which was previously planned to be built within the scope of the worldwide project, was accepted by the Metropolitan Council and the 30 chambered touristic facility that could become the symbol of Antalya.

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel, in his speech on the agenda, said: şunlar An area that has been transferred to our Metropolitan Municipality from the period of Tünektepe Special Administration. We have an important project to add value to Antalya, which we call a world project here. We had little time to do that. There was not enough time to invest. We have completed a very long bureaucratic process with the Ministry of Forestry and 30, including the Prime Ministry. Finally, with the permission and signature of Mr. Prime Minister, the allocation of Tünektepe to the Metropolitan Municipality or the granting of it through the tender was approved. Sonunda

President Türel explained that they have prepared a vision project for this place. We're done planning. We are now preparing our tenders. Our lift was already in service. We will bring here a beauty facility that will embellish postcards with symbolic significance and value that are worthy of Antalya. In Dubai, it will be a facility that will provide serious added value to Antalya as much as Burc al-Arab, which we know as Yelken Hotel. Dubai

Tünektepe Project, Antalya's 50 annual dream began with the launch of the cable car line. In the next step approved by the Parliament, a touristic facility, attraction center and living space project that will be the future symbol of Antalya in Tünektepe will come to life. It will serve as a facility that the people can benefit from on the day. The project will include a huge orange sphere between the 3 Mediterranean monk seal. The night view will bring a distinct visuality to Antalya. Anyone who comes to Antalya when the project is realized will talk about Tünektepe in Antalya, even if the Statue of Liberty is being discussed in New York.