The Heart of World Railways is in Istanbul

The Heart of World Railways is in Istanbul: The International Railways Association (UIC) 90. The General Assembly started in Istanbul.

Speaking at the opening of the General Assembly held at Hilton Bomonti Hotel, TCDD General Manager and UIC Vice President İsa Apaydınmore and more important every day kazanHe stated that the global race regarding railway transportation, which has influenced the world, continues with increasing momentum.

Apaydın said that the developing technologies have affected the railway industry and that the speed and comfort of the trains races with planes. He said that a new corridor called Far East and Europe is building the Silk Silk Road.

After a short time to put into operation the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line and starting from Edirne stating located on the central corridor of Turkey's East-West rail by rail extending to Kars through Marmaray Apaydin, which they believe will make a major contribution to increased prosperity in the world He said that the Iron Silk Road will turn into a path of peace and brotherhood at the same time as cultural interactions.

Consistent with global developments in Turkey in recent years also recorded telling a big improvement in rail investment Apaydin continued his speech as follows:

"Since 2003 years of railways in Turkey was accepted as a state policy and railway mobilization it has been initiated accordingly.

2003 has invested a significant amount of US $ 20 into the railways since 1.213, and the 4.000 high-speed railway equipped with high technology has been constructed and commissioned. 2.400 km signaling and 2.000 km electrification is still under construction on XNUMX km high speed and high speed rail.

As Turkey, we take very seriously our Republic 100. 2023 km high speed, 3.500 km fast and 8.500 km up to 1.000 year, we aim to build a new conventional railway. ı

The project began as they related to the liberalization of the railway sector in Turkey by successfully completing, explaining that they open doors for domestic and foreign railway operator TCDD General Director and Vice Chairman of the UIC İsa Apaydın,

Tek Building a country with rail lines alone does not provide sufficient benefits. I would like to emphasize that we need to improve the efficiency of other modes of transportation by reducing the costs of maintenance and repair, and increasing the efficiency of the lines. Hat


International Railways Association (UIC) President Renato Mazzoncini pointed out the importance of the General Assembly to be held in Istanbul and said that the railways serve as a bridge between the countries and that Istanbul is the bridge that connects the Asian and European continents.

Turkey in the field of railways in recent years, resulting in remarkable improvements Mazzoncini was underlined that constitute a good example for developing countries, especially in these developments.

Highlighting the importance of level crossings in terms of safe driving and doing the necessary work in this regard, Mazzoncini said that they want to live projects in the railway sector for digitalization.

UIC Chairman Renato Mazzoncini stated that the railway transportation is the best transportation system in terms of greenhouse gas emission reduction and green transportation. .

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