Pre-qualification not preliminary agreement

Preliminary agreement, not prequalification: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality completed the tenders for the electro-mechanical works of the 2016 metro lines, for which it was put out for prequalification tender in 6, except for one. Many international companies that participated in the prequalification tender and had the experience of gigantic metro lines could not participate in these tenders in 2017, as they were eliminated. 5 completed construction tenders were prequalified last year. kazanmoment shared between companies. The fact that the bid rates of these companies in the tenders were 10-14 percent higher than the approximate cost brought about the interpretation that they entered the tender with a preliminary agreement. The result of today's final construction tender is eagerly awaited.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 2016 in the pre-qualification tender 6 metro line of the electromechanical works of the construction works completed in 2017. The pre-qualification tender was attended by the company between 14 and 17, but many international firms that completed huge metro projects in Moscow, Spain, Italy, China, etc. due to lack of legislation and legal procedures were eliminated before the tender stage. 6-7, which succeeded in obtaining qualifications in pre-qualification tenders, brought a question mark to the fact that they received separate works in the tenders held in 2017. It was claimed that firms entered pre-contracted tenders and shared the auctions.


Contracted firms are awarded the tender by offering high prices at rates ranging from 10 to 14 at the approximate cost. Thus, the tender is left to the firm to be registered in the pre-registered. It is known that the average number of 20-25 fights have been made in open tenders.


In 2016, 6 of 5 electro-mechanical construction works, the pre-qualification tender processes of which were completed, were completed in 2017. The tender for the electro-mechanical construction of the route between Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir-Esenyurt will be held by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. It was noteworthy that all the companies that received the prequalification tenders last year were not received a second tender for the construction works that were tendered in 2017. It is wondered whether the route between Mahmutbey-Bahçeşehir-Esenyurt, which is the last of the 6 tenders, will be given to a consortium that has not yet received a tender this year, although it has received pre-qualification last year.

Pre-qualified firms for the tender to be held today

Mahmutbey - Bahçeşehir - Esenyurt metro line construction and electromechanical works

* Kolin Construction Tourism Industry and Trade. Inc. + Aga Enerji Nakliyat Madencilik İnş. Singing. And Tic. Inc. + Bayburt Group Construction Transportation Mad. It. Exp. Singing. And Tic. Inc. + Free Building Industry and Trade Inc. + Şenbay Madencilik Turizm İnşaat Nakliyat San. And. Tic. Inc. ( Business partnership )

* Demce Construction Construction. San and Ticaret Ananim Company + Bestaş Construction Company + Bimholl Construction Joint Stock Company + Dido-ray Construction Industry Trading Co. + Edaray Construction Comm. And. Tic. Inc. + Sğüt Construction undertakes Petrol Madencilij Food Transportation Domestic and Foreign Trade Joint Stock Company + Tarmac Agrega Mining and Deed Industry Trade. Inc. (Business Partnership)

* Nurol Construction and Trade Inc. + Doğuş Construction and Trade Inc. + Gürelmak Heavy Industry Trade and Contracting Inc. + Özaltın Construction Trade and Industry Inc. (Business Partnership)

* Metrostav Ankara Construction Contracting Industry and Trade Inc. + Metaleks Construction Industry and Trade Inc. + Norinco International Cooperation Ltd. (Business Partnership)

* Makyol Construction Industry Tourism and Trade Inc. + Astur İnşaat ce Ticaret A.Ş. + Ic İçtaş Construction Industry and Trade Inc. (Business Partnership)

* Cengiz Construction Industry and Trade Inc. + Alsim Alarko San. Resisleri ve Tic. Inc. (Business Partnership)

* Meting Rail Systems Joint Stock Company + Eze Construction Joint Stock Company + Gökçe İnş. Taah. Ti. And Machine Industry. Ltd. Ltd. Şti + Met- day Construction Contracting and Trade Inc. (Business Partnership)

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