Teamwork has removed national rail transport system brands

Anadolu Rail Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS), which is the target of which is to produce domestic and national brand rail transportation systems from design to final product and make our national brands compete to become a world brand, provides contributions to our country's targets with the belief of 'Cooperation, Power Union and National Brands'.

ARUS brings together its members from all over Anatolia with the leading organizations of the Turkish rail systems industry, and undertakes the task of collaboration, unity and producing national brands in the sector.

The activities of ARUS, which is frequently mentioned in important projects in line with its goals, give its fruits. Recently, our national brands started to emerge with the spirit of unity and togetherness, teamwork and great efforts made by our ARUS member industrialists.

Istanbul Tramway, Silkworm Tram, Green City, Panorama Tramway, Kayseri Talas Tramway, Malatya TCV Trambus and Electric and Diesel Locomotives that bring national brands to Turkish industry. 51 has played an active role in the introduction of domestic contribution requirement.

Now, both the public procurement and municipal procurement requirements have started to be implemented. It is very important for ARUS to produce the tools that our country needs by our industrialists with at least 51 and domestic contribution.

Turkey's industrial potential, industrialists, information, education and gifted do-s is sufficient for the realization of the design and production of all rail transport system. Only stable state policies and indigenous industry incentives are very important.

ARUS, with the support of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey (URGE) for market research, has been carried out in Spain (RAIL GROUP), Switzerland (SWISSRAIL), Japan (JORSA), Czech Republic (ACRI) and the Federal Republic of Germany (VDB). B2B has started business negotiations and started to export to these countries.

Today, international companies such as Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, CAF, the biggest railroad companies in the world, have requested local and domestic demand for domestic production in our country.

Bombardier, Bozankaya and the Siemens company laid the foundation of a 30 million Euro tram factory in Gebze. BozankayaHas also won the tender for Bangkok's 88 subway vehicles in partnership with Siemens.

ARUS has been deemed worthy of being supported by the National Metro Project within the scope of BST Association Support.

We, as OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, are proud of the successful activities of ARUS for our domestic and national industries.

Source: Adem ARICI - OSTİM OSB Regional Manager - I


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