TCDD: He was not sacked from the notice but slander

TCDD General Directorate reported that Kenan Ülkü, who reported many of his names for allegedly being FETO members, was suspended from his civil service due to his unfounded allegations about other employees.


In today's issue of your newspaper; The news about our Corporation titled "NOTIFIED, EXPORTED" and "EXPORT cruelty to those who noticed" were included.

In the news in question; It was stated that our organization staff Kenan ÜLKÜ, who had notified the CİMER, BİMER, TCDD Inspection Board and the Prosecutor's Office by claiming to be FETO supporters about 139 personnel, was dismissed by the decision of the TCDD High Disciplinary Board after the investigation conducted by the TCDD Inspection Board without waiting for the completion of the Prosecutor's Office investigations.

1- Kenan ÜLKÜ, during his duty in our Corporation, made criminal charges against CİMER, BİMER and TCDD 139 times with the same content about 36 personnel in total, including the officers at the upper levels of our Corporation.

2-Allegations are not only based on FETOism, but also bribery, corruption, sexual intercourse, nepotism, closeness with companies, alcoholism, etc. It also includes.

All the applications made to our Company were taken into consideration, scrutinized and examined again and the related person was informed about our company.

Although all the issues have been shared with him orally many times, the related, unfounded allegations have continued in writing and are still continuing. The number of personnel to whom he has made false allegations and slanders so far has exceeded 400.

3- Kenan ÜLKÜ was able to provide documents and information about only 139 of the 13 personnel he accused. It has been determined that these information and documents presented are of the quality to be examined. Investigations regarding these personnel are also ongoing. Out of 139 personnel charged with crimes, only 1 personnel has been dismissed from public service due to FETÖ.

4 - The accusations against other persons have not gone beyond slander.

5-The investigation initiated by our Board of Inspectors on the subject and then the decision of our TCDD High Disciplinary Board, our staff Kenan ÜLKÜ, 22 May 2017 date on the date of the XVIFE NOT, because it was removed from office.

6-Subject has also been examined by the Ministry of Audit Services, and the works and transactions are considered to be in place.

We expect the subject to be re-evaluated in this context in accordance with the Press Law and wish you success in your work.



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