Sivas Public Bus Chooses Your Own

The Municipality of Sivas met with the Public Bus Cooperative to change the public buses that did not meet the needs in the city. In this context, the new public buses will be selected by Sivasliler. The vehicles for the purpose of publicity were exhibited at Kent Square and a public vote was initiated for the selection of vehicles.

In order to choose the vehicles that will be in use for the people of Sivas, both the new vehicles are introduced in Kent Square and our people choose the vehicles they want to serve in our city. The vehicles to be determined by the public vote will be put into service soon.

Beside the Congress Building, citizens are using their votes by throwing the bus number of their preferred bus into the ballot box prepared for new buses. For the moment, two alternative buses will be added to the buses on Monday.

Especially for the disabled people who can easily ride the disabled ramps, buses, hot summer days for air conditioning, for cold weather heating systems come to the fore.




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