İZDENİZ Grevine signed support

The union opened the 'signature stand' for support in Izmir's İZDENİZ strike. Kocaoglu'a 'strike end' called for the AK Party Dogan, "President no longer has to give up," he said

The strike in İZDENİZ, which paralyzed İzmir transportation, continues. While the daily loss of the stop of the ferry services was announced as 200 thousand liras, the total loss reached 3 million liras. On the 16th day of the strike, while the union opened signing stands to support the strike, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Doğan called on President Kocaoğlu to 'end the strike'. Making striking statements to Egeli Sabah, Doğan said, “Our citizens from Izmir have not been able to benefit from sea transportation for 16 days. In summer, İZBAN, metro and buses will be clicked. Our citizens continue to suffer. We know that Mr. Kocaoğlu has zero hike proposal. This is not an understanding that should be in order for the İZDENİZ strike to end. ”

Explaining that President Kocaoğlu consciously wants the strike to prolong, Doğan continued as follows: “He thinks that he will bring the workers and the union to his knees. We also saw in the İZBAN strike that he did not like the worker and the laborer and did not respect the labor. If Mr. Kocaoğlu stayed, the İZBAN strike would continue and continue until an unknown date. This İZBAN strike ended with the efforts of Mr. Selçuk Sert, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, and Ahmet Arslan and our Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım, under the coordination of the Provincial President Bülent Delican. We know that Mr. President Aziz Kocaoğlu does not have foresight, vision and horizons. We call on Mr. Kocaoğlu from here. Come let this stubborn leave. May he compromise with his worker. Invite the union to the meeting. If it lacks to do this, we, as the AK Party assembly group, are ready to contribute to the solution of the problem. As long as our citizens from Izmir should not have any more problems. ”

Turkey Union of Seafarers (TDS) General Financial Secretary Cevahit you Greenstone also, she said that Izdemir signature stands open on strike to support ongoing AŞ. Yesiltas, 15 days of the strike, said that the Izmir Metropolitan administration did not request to meet. Stating that what happened upset them, Yeşiltaş said, “We will remain silent for a week. We will receive the support of Izmir residents with the signature stands we have opened during this period. If there is a meeting, I think it will be completed happily. We will go two steps until we come one step. ”

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