Urban 'urban' public transportation 'mind' Kentkart'tan

Established in 1998, Kentkart is developing intelligent transportation systems. The company, which has become an international brand in Turkey and abroad, has been developing and developing all electronic hardware and software for the electronic fee collection, automatic vehicle management, real-time passenger information, planning and in-vehicle camera security systems under the heading of intelligent transportation systems, e provides operation.

Referring to the main activity areas, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mazhar Umur Basmacı explained software development, hardware production, smart card management, dealer management, system maintenance and operation, user training, database management, server services.

Basmacı said, X Kentkart's successful business model is now used in the 10 city in 36 country. In the 2013 TEPAV and TOBB 's assessment of Turkey's fastest-growing companies have earned the right to enter between the first 100. "He said.

Emphasizing that they were certified as “R&D Center” by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology General Directorate of Science and Technology in the same year, Basmacı continued his words as follows; "Kentkart, on-site R & D center is the fruit of the 2015 competition inovalig Innovation Organization and Culture took as Turkey in the category of 17.s. However, our goal, is located in Turkey's 250 most innovative companies in this ranking, which evaluates the first. "

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