Good news of the cable car to Şanlıurfa

Nihat Çiftçi, who has signed important projects since he came to the Metropolitan Municipality of Şanlıurfa, rolled up his sleeves for an important project. Taking over the service flag with slogans like de Metropolitan is working everywhere, Metropolitan is working, Urfa is winning sefer, Çiftçi is on the agenda with a gigantic project which is a huge project for Şanlıurfa.

I kept my promise
The tender project of the cable car project, which is the project of Şanlıurfa and the Mayor of Mayor, was completed. President Çiftçi, who made a statement about the project, said: The cable car will be offered to the service of the Şanlıurfa in the shortest time. The tender was done. İ

The route was also determined
Providing information about the route of the ropeway, President Farmer, Müdür 500 Mehmet Akif Inquiry Research Hospital with a bed stretching from the Regional Directorate of the cable car will meet on the route. Hopefully until the 2019 we will put into service the giant projects such as ropeways. X

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