Rize Organized Industrial Zone

Rize Organized Industrial Zone: Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly Members made a visit to Rize Organized Industrial Zone. Rize Organized Industrial Zone Manager Hasan Günal, Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board of Directors Şaban Aziz Karamehmetoğlu and Chamber of Parliament Speaker Ömer Faruk Ofluoğlu and Rize Organized Industrial Zone, the company representatives who invested in evaluations found.

Rize Organized Industrial Zone Manager Hasan Günal, 550 bin m2 built on the land of the Organized Industrial Zone 270 bin m2 area on the factory construction, he said. The factory construction of all parcels, except for two factory parcels continuing the construction of Hasan Günal, these two parcels total 16 bin m2 said. Günal stated that the infrastructure works have been completed and that our industrialist has been continuing the superstructure works. Rize Organized Industrial Zone 2. Hasan Günal who stated that the work of the stage was started, 1. At the stage, approximately 1.500 said it was aimed to provide employment. 5 company will be operational until the beginning of the year, indicating that Günal, 1. He said all the factories will be completed in 1 and a half years.

Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman of the Board of Directors in the statement of Ramazan Aziz Karamehmetoglu Rize Organized Industrial Zone in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the largest projects, he said. Approximately 10 years worked on the project to come to this stage, which expressed that a lot of efforts Karamehmetoğlu, land to be expropriated from people close to 2800 deed said that the deed. Emphasizing that land acquisition is the most difficult issue in Rize, Karamehmetoğlu stated that the process was accelerating with the result of this and that the factory allocation and infrastructure and superstructure works were started in a short time. 2 in Rize Organized Industrial Zone which will provide job opportunities for many people. Emphasizing that the expropriation activities were started, Karamehmetoğlu thanked the companies that invested in the region for their investments in today's conditions.

Karamehmetoğlu stated that this area will be the most strategic point of the Eastern Black Sea Region with the completion of the Ovit Tunnel and the Eastern Black Sea Industrial Center, which is expected to be auctioned at the end of the year. Manufacturing companies on the one hand Logistics Center with the Black Sea and the world to find the opportunity to reach the East and Southeast within a few hours on the other hand will be able to reach the express Karamehmetoğlu, companies in the region, as well as the high added value of the companies that are believed to be most useful in our city he thanked the investors for expressing his preference.

Karamehmetoğlu stated that they are planning to establish a Small Industrial Site within the Rize Organized Industrial Zone and that the infrastructure needs, maintenance, repair and repair needs in the Rize Organized Industrial Zone have been commenced and the works for the Small Industrial Site which will be established to meet the needs of the vehicles coming to Rize construction will start soon.

Rize Chamber of Commerce and Industry Assembly President Omer Faruk Ofluoglu also took the floor in the program. Underlining that there is a medium-sized industrial zone, Ofluoğlu thanked investors. The people of the region 2. Ofluoğlu also asked to assist in the stage expropriation work and also advised them to participate in vocational courses to contribute to employment. Ofluoglu, the Organized Industrial Zone of the people of the region in particular in terms of contribution to this opportunity should be evaluated in the best way, he said.

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