Rail Cargo from Turkey Important Decision!

Eric Regter, Chairman of Rail Cargo Austria AG, said during the TCDD Transportation visit, they want to increase the number of trains operated in the first place by 50.

Rail Cargo Austria AG Chairman Eric REGT and Rail Cargo Logistic Turkey General Manager Murat Hur man, visited the Turkish State Railways on the Transportation AŞ July 04 2017.

During the visit, representatives of Rail Cargo Company and General Director of TCDD Transport Inc. Veysi Kurt discussed the cooperation opportunities between the two companies.

General Manager Veys Kurt During the meeting, the liberalization of rail transport by providing information about the processes, infrastructure, business and industry as having a railway industry reached world standards Turkey's European and Middle East and transport between Central Asia, the most economical, note that it has become the fastest middle rail corridor . We were honored and honored by the visit of Rail Cargo representatives. We believe that there are very nice projects to be done with these international companies. We can train train from Vienna to Central Asia to China. Turkey has to take a larger share of the load-carrying potential between Europe and China. Because our middle rail corridor allows both shorter and safer and faster transportation than other options. Increasing our cooperation will bring happiness and peace to our geography. İş

We can establish model transportation between TCDD and European-Asian countries.

Reger, the chairman of Rail Cargo Austria, said that transportation connects people and said: Reg First of all, we wish success to TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. We hear a great satisfaction from his investment in the railway sector in Turkey in recent years. In particular, we are very excited about the Kars-Baku-Tbilisi railway project. I believe that in the railway logistics sector, two well-established and expert organizations are focusing on what they can achieve in thinking the same. We want to increase the number of trains operated in the first place by 50. A very important link between China-Asia-Europe. Large volume carriers will be performed. We have to solve the problems immediately, we have the power and determination to do that. Ort


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