Private Lounge Wagon Renewed!

For those who dreamed of a unique ride on the railway, the private lounge wagon renewed. Here are the renewed features of the private saloon wagon.

For those who dream of a unique ride on the railway, the Special Saloon Wagon has been renewed.

The lounge wagon that meets all your expectations for both your business trips and special days you want to share with your loved ones; meeting and sohbet It awaits those who want to work in a comfortable environment with the opportunity to travel in a comfortable environment, with the purpose hall partition, suite room, special shower-WC-washbasin system, air conditioning (cooling, heating, ventilation), automatic lighting arrangement and other unique features.

Enjoyable during your journey in the lounge wagon sohbetYou can watch movies, add entertainment to the job with wireless internet connection.

Features of the Salon Wagon offered by TCDD Tasimacilik

Hall Compartment
8 has personality seating, LCD TV, DVD Player, music broadcasting system.

Meeting table
8 has a staff call button on the table suitable for meeting people with electronic devices and electrical system for computer use.

Suit room
Two people can sleep, sit and work, private shower-WC-sink system, minibar, wardrobe and an internal telephone to communicate with staff.

3 double bed compartment for two persons.

Heating and Cooling System
Automatic air conditioning system (cooling-heating-lighting) service.

Hot / cold drinks and food preparation kitchen section.

Wireless internet connection in all parts of the car.

For private lounge wagon rental requests, you can get detailed information from TCDD TRANSPORTATION Passenger Transport Department's phone number 0 312 309 05 15 (Extension 71911-71921-71931).



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