Work on Palu-Genç-Mus Railway Project Continues

The Republic of Turkey State Railways General Pali km long in total 150 carried out by the Directorate-young-Mus are continuing work on the railway project.

One billion pounds of the budget Palu-Genç-Mus railway 15.045 m length 51 pieces of tunnel, 9.599 m length 80 units open-close tunnel 4.140 m long 42 pieces of bridges-viaducts will be built as.

AK Party deputy Mehmet Emin Simsek, Murat River of Mus-Young with the start of impounding dams made on-Pali railway line in the route would remain in the lake area, recalled, "said auction was held by the Republic of Turkey State Railways relating to rail. A project of about one billion liras. Railway delta is currently being made. The works will continue until Tatvan and Van Lake. These projects make a great contribution to the development of our country. The Muş-Erzincan High Speed ​​Train Project, which is taken within the framework of these projects and is among the 2023 targets, will also be built. This will bring very serious transportation convenience to both Muş and our region and will also increase trade. ” he spoke.



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