Minister Arslan: "A New Era Has Begun in Railways"

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, published his article titled ”A New Term in Railways lad, published in the July issue of Raillife magazine.

It entered into force in May 1 2013 "About Turkey Liberalization of Railway Transport Act No. 6461" starting with the liberalization process, TCDD; as a railway infrastructure operator, TCDD and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. A very important step was taken by restructuring.

TCDD and TCDD Transportation Inc. 2017 has been able to operate as a railway train and infrastructure operator to the private sector since 1 January 2017. Liberalization with private rail being conducted within the dynamism and Turkey railway network will bring to the sector of the train operator High Speed ​​Rail, High Speed ​​Train, Logistics Centers of and urban freight from road to rail projects and passenger transport share we aim to shift a portion of the railway transport. We believe that the competition with new operators will bring more efficient train operations to the sector, adaptation to new technologies and better working conditions. We believe that it will provide more share in the international transport corridors and contribute more to the national economy.

In the long term, we anticipate that the harmony between the types of transport will change and the imbalance in favor of the highway will change in favor of the railway. In this process; We make corridor improvements on routes that are longer than highway, and we create routes that can be traveled faster and faster. In order to integrate the railway with other modes of transport, we are making connection lines to the ports, OIZs, production-load centers, factories and mining sites. In the 2023 with this study, the 15 percent of freight transportation in Turkey, and we aim to make passenger transport by rail of 10 percent.

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  1. sn Minister = Investments made in railways and YHT studies are satisfactory. We only care about road transport and renewal of the road for renewal of transportation. We expect you to write history and wish you success while the AKP government is in power