Installation of new stations started at Başkentray Project

Installation of new stations was started in Başkentray Project: In the capital city of Başkentray, the installation of new stations was started. The new tracks will be installed at Başkentray, 5 will be transported by 200 per thousand passengers per day.

The General Directorate of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) started the renovation works in July in 2016. The construction of the new rails and the installation of the stations was started in the project where the dismantling of the superstructure materials of the existing lines between the Sincan and Kayaş was completed. With the separation of the existing railway lines between Kayaş-Ankara-Sincan as high-speed train, conventional line and suburban line, all stations and platforms will reach the subway standard. The number of lines between 2 and 4 between Ankara-Kayaş will be increased from 4 to 6 between Ankara-Marşandiz and from 3 to 5 from Marşandiz-Sincan.


All stations on the line will be suitable for disabled citizens. There will be closed station areas where passengers can meet the various needs of passengers at the Sincan, Lale, Etimesgut, Hippodrome, Yenişehir, Mamak and Kayaş stations where the passenger traffic is intense. Within the scope of the project, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) West Transmission Station was also constructed to Etimesgut Emirler. A train will be operated in XnUMX between Sincan-Kayaş-Sincan in the new Başkentray. Daily, which will serve 5 thousand passengers with the capital, Ankara is also intended to relieve traffic.


Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan 11 July 2016'da for the project began to be renewed "18 months later our citizens in Ankara to reach the four corners of the rail system," he said. Minister Arslan will also ensure the integration of the Başkentray Project with existing rail systems within the city, and noted that a connection will be made with Keçiören Metro Station in Ankara Gar, Batikent Metro, Yenisehir Station, and Ankaray with Kurtulus and Maltepe stations.

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    1. In fact, while this project is continuing, with an additional revision, Kayaş - Elmadağ (even up to Kırıkkale) can be electrified and operated between Elmadağ (or Kırıkkale) - Polatli (Polatli OIZ).

    2. Pedestrian access will be a danger in some of the renewed stations within the scope of Başkentray project. For example, the staircase and elevator built in the Elvankent station construction, the pedestrian pavement is almost not, Eryaman direction can be called to the right side. There is no direct connection to this place and no transition to Eryaman direction with the underpass. Even in the construction phase, I believe that this situation is not thought to cause many traffic accidents. I would like to draw attention to this inconvenient situation due to the standard project.
      All settlements and transportation are located in the opposite side (direction of Etimesgut, bank blocks). This station is not connected directly with the overpass and the parking area. I can't understand the logic of getting off the highway after the station. Without going to the highway after reaching the top of the station, the passage of the station as a continuation of the transition to the side of the settlement to be more healthy in terms of both security and function? Thus, the connection of the road and pedestrians will be completely cut off. As a citizen, I would like to remind all authorities to take this into consideration before it is completed.