250 Million Euro signature from Istanbul New Airport

Istanbul New Airport, which will change the rules of the game in the global aviation sector; 6 has signed an agreement with the company to allocate space for the Cargo City and Ground Handling Campus. MNG, PTT, Çelebi Ground Handling, HAVAŞ, System Logistics and Know Logistics, Cargo City, MNG, Çelebi Ground Handling and HAVAŞ will provide services at the Ground Handling Campus. These agreements, which will be valid for the duration of the operation, will amount to around 250 Million Euro.

Turkey's Istanbul is set to become a showcase to the world the new airport will also frequently mentioned the name of a unique passenger experience as well as in international transport. At the Istanbul New Airport, where more than half of the construction works are completed, commercial agreements continue to be signed. Following the signing of the Duty free contract, the tender for the eating and drinking areas will be completed in the first quarter of this year.

Istanbul New Airport, which will contribute to the growth of the employment and market growth in different business lines, will make Cargo City and Istanbul the new center of international transportation that will take place within the project area.

By signing the 25 annual agreements, MNG, PTT, Çelebi Ground Handling, HAVAŞ, Sistem Logistics and Bilin Logistics will take their place in anlaş Cargo City and Ground Handling Campus AŞ to serve in Istanbul New Airport.

Total will provide the opportunity to 350 flight destination Istanbul New Airport, while helping them achieve their goals with Turkey's export volume of cargo in the form of e-commerce market will grow in meaning.

50 percent of leasable areas completed

Made a record deal is very important for the country's economy, emphasizing the HDI Airport Operations Executive Board Chairman Hüseyin Keskin: "Turkey's strategic location, Turkish Airlines, significant investments and our country's booming economy made in the cargo area, with each passing day, Turkey's air cargo transportation it makes it an even more important center. On the other hand, ground handling services are of great importance for us to manage an effective airport operation. As IGA, we have completed our first agreements on cargo and ground handling services in order to bring Istanbul, the meeting point of civilizations for centuries, to the center of aviation and to provide an uninterrupted service. We are also very happy about that. In this context, we have signed six major companies born in Turkey with 6 million euros worth of space allocation agreements. We completed our duty free agreement last year. We are at the contract stage in food and beverage areas, and we will tender the advertising allocation areas in the coming months. As of now, we have rented 250 percent of the leasable areas. Contracts were made with nearly a hundred companies. I believe that we will make great contributions to the economy of the country with the commercial volume arising from the investments that these companies will make in our airport. With this, as well as Turkey's power to commercial power, taking the butterfly effect I think we can accelerate our economic development. Istanbul Noting that contribute to the country's economy all companies located in the New Airport and these agreements in order to move forward in our aviation sector Turkey's signing, "he said.
Cargo City in the size of the 200 football field!

There will be a total area of ​​150 thousand square meters for ground handling services at Istanbul New Airport. If this figure, the total number of cargo city with cargo plane parking positions, will be 1,4 million square meters. This size corresponds to the international football field of 200. Cargo City is built in such a way that 35 pieces can be operated at the same time.

All phases will be over Hong Kong even when it's finished

Hüseyin Keskin emphasized that according to DHMİ figures, the Atatürk Airport cargo capacity in 2016 is 918 tons and this figure is expected to reach 2017 million tons by the end of 1. Açık Istanbul New Airport is open to improving this capacity. When the airport is opened, 2,5 will have a cargo capacity of 1 million tons. The airport, which currently has the largest cargo movement in the world, has a volume that is slightly above the 4,5 million tons in Hong Kong Airport. When all phases of Istanbul New Airport are completed, 5,5 will have a capacity of millions of tons. İstanbul

MNG, PTT, Çelebi, HAVAŞ, System Logistics and Know Logistics will continue their activities in the area of ​​approximately one thousand square meters.

The latest technologies will be used in Cargo and Ground Services

Within the scope of the new contracts signed in the aviation sector, one of the largest agreements recently signed by Istanbul New Airport, the companies will use the latest technologies to bring the passenger experience to the highest levels.

Istanbul New Airport, which will rebuild the Silk Road from the air, aims to provide service in the ground services by prioritizing the passenger experience. In this context, all the services in the passenger terminals and the apron will be the most advanced techniques where the technology will be used intensively and the passengers will feel privileged.

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