Muğlada Public Transport Under Surveillance

With the fleet management center established by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, the vehicles providing public transportation throughout the province of Muğla 7 / 24 are under surveillance.

1350 Private Public Transport (ÖTTA) and municipal vehicles which are transforming into Bulk Land Transit in Muğla, and monitoring of municipal vehicles with instant and retrospective camera images. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality is done by. With the fleet system, the citizens of the public transport using 7 24 444 Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Call Center report their complaints, questions, requests and suggestions with the personnel in charge of the unit.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement on the subject: c The camera images of vehicles that are in the process of transition to live camera systems but not currently integrated into the system are also examined by the vehicle tracking officers who work in the field and obtained from the vehicles at the headquarters. Thanks to the received image and instant data, we are able to track vehicle flights according to the timetable. Communication operators with all kinds of events occurring in the field, the driver and passengers to see the status of the situation we find an opportunity to intervene immediately.



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