Big steps in railway transportation

The Railway Transport Association (DTD) was established in 2006 in order to develop the green and clean transportation type railway transportation in line with the requirements of the age and country and to increase the share of the railway in the country's total transportation.

Our members, with their own cars or TCDD wagons engaged with national and international rail freight wagon production facilities, port operation for wagon maintenance and repair industry with Turkey are important firms engaged.

Since the proclamation of the Republic, as it is known by the state 'operated as a monopoly railways, Turkey liberalized by rail 6461 on Liberalization of Transportation Law No. front of the public as well as private sector from train operations and railway infrastructure operation done it is opened.

The reasoning of the Law No. 6461 is: UM In order to reinvigorate the role of the railways in the development and independence of our country and to strengthen its role in transportation; There is a need to establish a railway sector that is sustainable, free from competition, economic, social and compatible with the European Union (EU) legislation.

In order to benefit from the advantageous aspects of the railway transportation system within the integrated transport system, it is necessary to remove the monopoly in the railway sector and to provide a free, transparent, fair and sustainable competition environment.

Thus, more efficient use of the existing country resource in the railway field will be ensured and the idle capacity will be put into use. With the abolition of the monopoly and the liberalization of the sector, EU railway legislation will be harmonized. Tek

This rationale clearly states that everything will be done to ensure that the railroad is worthy, the private sector is important to enter the railway sector, and every kind of easiness will be shown for the private sector to survive.

It can convert the opportunity into Turkey from

Turkey's 2005-2023 Investment Program in 50.3 billion dollar railway is planned to be invested in accordance with this plan and are continuing to invest in the railway.

Turkey's geographical position, forming an effective strategy because of its proximity to a large market and the European rail network can convert the opportunities this position. Develop their commercial links with Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Having a strategic position for transit between Europe and Asia-Ga haulage, rail transport and multimodal limandemiryol between Central Asian Turkish Republics and Middle East have the potential of hinterland connections are advantageous to Turkey.

Moreover, the liberalization and restructuring of the railway is expected to play an important role in the promotion and development of combined / intermodal transport, as it will lead to the preparation of more policies and projects that direct the market in the railway sector.

Railway investments should be planned with 'load priority'

Rail transport; should be brought to the level that will provide more services to meet the requirements of the market demands. This service should be competitive and economically preferable. Rail transportation should be simplified in terms of wage policies, tariffs and processes. A complementary rail transport, which can be integrated into national and international logistics chains, should be provided. In particular, the bottlenecks that reduce and disrupt the transport volume in the railway must be eliminated. Legislation to regulate and promote the combined transport of rail transport as the main axis must be completed and put into effect immediately.

The correct renewal of the infrastructure, opening of new lines, overcoming the current bottlenecks, and the implementation of innovative projects will remove the obstacles to rail transport and enable efficient and targeted transport.

Considering the 2023 targets, railway investments should be planned as 'priority load' in order to reach the determined economic target and export volume and to develop railway transportation in our country.

Source: Recep Zühtü SOYAK - Railway Transportation Association Vice President - I



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