Konak Tram Street Status

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Konak Tramway for the 13.8 mile long two-way line paved.

The 8 stage at Şair Eşref Boulevard was completed.

The project was changed for mulberry trees on the poet Eşref Boulevard. The trees, which are claimed to be dry during the laying of the line, were not damaged in the least. Plane trees on Gazi Boulevard were taken under protection. 2 stops were designed to “grow the tree inside”.

It was announced that the “difficult” region between Montreux Square and Çankaya will be completed before the school starts.
In the coming days, the rail works will be started on Ziya Gökalp Boulevard and Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Vahap Özaltay and Sait Altınordu squares.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's environmental, economic and comfortable transportation project to improve the intense tempo continues. 8.8 kilometers Karşıyaka started to travel on the line, the 12.7 kilometer Konak line continues to work in many points.

It is planned to complete the work in the most challenging areas until the end of the summer, when schools enter the summer holiday and urban traffic will be relatively reduced. Within the scope of Konak Tramway Construction, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, now the Poet who completed the rail laying works in the sections other than the intersection of the streets between Mustafa Kemal Sahil Bulvarı, Ali Çetinkaya Bulvarı and Şair Eşref Boulevard, Alsancak Mosque-Montreux (8 stage) and Gazi Boulevard He started manufacturing works covering the last two stages of Esref Boulevard. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the double laying of the 13.8 kilometer-long line for Konak Tramway.

Schools will be finished before opening
9 starting on Tuesday. and 10. The stages are taking place between Montreux Square and Çankaya. Two-way, nearly 1 mileage laying works, primarily Cankaya kilometre began in the direction of Montreux. During the studies Çankaya yön The direction of Montreux was closed to traffic and traffic flow was given as double lane in opposite direction. When the work in this section is over, this time, the direction of Montreux-Çankaya will be closed to traffic. During the studies, access between Hürriyet Boulevard and Şair Eşref Boulevard was not blocked. Studies in this region will be completed before the 2017 - 2018 Academic Year starts.

Project for mulberry trees changed
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Poet Esref Bulvari changed the Konak Tramway project in order to protect the mulberry trees in the middle center. At the Şair Eşref Boulevard, it was decided that the line that would cause the mulberry trees to be cut off was not allowed to pass through the middle center, where the car parks were located, and it was decided to lay the tracks on the existing vehicle road and mixed transportation. On the Boulevard of Gazi Boulevard, Büyükşehir took great care not to be affected by the laying of the 185 mulberry tree on the Şair Eşref Boulevard, between Alsancak Hocazade Mosque and Montreux. The trees in the parts where the denim differences are located are protected by flexible pipes which are produced from high-strength polyethylene and found to be leak-proof. This prevented the root from being exposed. The trees along the boulevard kept alive.

There will be trees out of the stands
Home Karşıyaka Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which paid great attention to the protection of the green tissue during the project works in Konak Tramway, shaped the 2 tram stops on Gazi Boulevard and Şair Eşref Boulevard according to the special location of the trees there. The stops were designed to “grow in trees”.

Full gas in Konak
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the laying of the sea at Konak Sea between Konak İskele and Konak Pier, will start laying the floor in Ziya Gökalp Boulevard and Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Vahap Özaltay and Sait Altınordu squares in the coming days. Konak Tramway, F.Altay Square - Konak-Halkapınar 12.7 will be served at a distance of one kilometer from 19.



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