Transportation in Istanbul during Sacrifice Holiday 50% Discount


Transportation in Istanbul is 50 percent discounted in Eid al-Adha: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Council decided to provide 50 percent discount in public transportation vehicles during the Eid al-Adha. On the other hand, transportation vehicles will be free of charge on Monday, September 18, between 06.00-14.00.

During the July session of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, two separate written proposals decided that the public transportation vehicles would be served free of charge during the Eid al-Fitr (1 - 4 September 2017) with a rate of 50, and the first day of the school opening (18 September 2017).


According to the application that aims to relieve traffic by reducing the use of special vehicles; 1 - 4 will provide IETT and Private Public Buses, Bus Co, Metrobus, City Lines Ferries, Public Transport Integrated Private Marine Engines, Metro, Tram, Light Metro and Funicular percent 50 discount service during the Eid Al-Adha.


On the other hand, 18, where the first, middle and high schools will be opened, decided unanimously on Monday, September 30, that the public transportation vehicles would be provided free of charge between 06.00-14.00 hours. Decision; 5771 2 thousand 689 students in 988 school in Istanbul, 142 bin 524 teacher will do the course, the 16 bin service vehicle will come to the traffic by specifying the first day of the school citizens are not meant to bring additional traffic to the private vehicles are expressed.

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