Punishment for vehicles parked on the tram line in Kocaeli

Punishment for vehicles parked on the tram line in Kocaeli: It is forbidden to park on the tram line since the service began. However, some vehicles do not comply with this rule and parked on the tram line adversely affects the transportation of trams, as well as danger. Due to this negligence on the tram line, the vehicles that do not comply with the prohibition of parking in the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli municipal police teams are cut from where they are.


227 TL administrative fines and 39 TL attractive fee are applied to the vehicles parked on the tram line. Police teams patrol along the tram line with a car and a tow truck to identify vehicles that do not fit the parking ban.


Police teams warned the citizens to provide a healthy transportation of the tram and not to cause a possible accident to park their vehicles on the tram line did not want to park. Yesterday the work on the tram route with the tractor towed. 5 vehicle penalty was imposed on the application.

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