Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality prevents noise pollution

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality prevents noise pollution

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department prepared the Dair Kocaeli Noise Map ve together with the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. The ongoing ıla Kocaeli Noise Action Plan kamuoyu will be shared with the public at the end of the year.


Noise pollution today is one of the most important factors that negatively affect the quality of the environment we live in and human health. Especially in fast growing cities like Kocaeli; With the introduction of electronic and mechanical devices in our daily lives, the disturbance is increasing and the places where our people can live in peace are decreasing. Therefore; Metropolitan Municipality works for the purpose of ensuring that citizens live in a quiet, quiet and healthy environment away from noise.


Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with the authorization of 2006 in the year, as a result of exposure to environmental noise, people, peace, physical and mental health in order to prevent the deterioration of the work continues to take necessary measures. In this context, in order to provide this situation, controls and inspections for industrial facilities operating in the city, construction site activities and entertainment places are meticulously carried out by expert technical teams of Metropolitan Municipality.


Strategic noise maps, including traffic, railway, port and industry throughout the province, were prepared by 2015 as of December, and maps for day, night and night time zones were obtained for all noise sources. In line with the prepared Strategic Noise Maps, the Metropolitan Municipality will set up noise management areas and hot spots for Kocaeli. In these areas, technical measures, plans, activities and sanctions will be identified to tackle noise-related problems and impacts, including noise reduction. After the consultation with other institutions, the kadar Kocaeli Noise Action Plan are will be prepared and shared with the public until the end of the year.



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