The Kartepe lift is another spring ..!

Kartepe region is a glowing star in terms of winter tourism.
Due to its proximity to Istanbul, the price difference between similar holiday areas and the untouched nature of Kartepe, unfortunately, investments are delayed.
Finally, last year, the Municipality of Kartepe rolled up its sleeves to build a ropeway.
It was announced at the beginning of this year that the project works were completed.
In Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the zoning change for the ropeway was accepted.
It was announced that the first stage will be built on Derbent Quarter.
Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez, especially the authorities have filled the issue of the cable car, began to boast.
Many said that the first dig for the ropeway would be shot this spring, but not expected.
No steps have been taken so far from the explanations regarding the project in question.
Most of the works have been completed according to the information obtained from the municipal sources related to the project, which is expected to cost 8 million Euros.
There are some expropriation problems for the construction of the ropeway until the tender stage.
When these problems are overcome, the first digging will be shot.
It's hard to get to the ski lift this winter season.
Our dreams come to the next season, another spring.
50 1 years of city people waiting for cable car for years more patience.
We hope this project is not similar to the tram, it is not built after 8 years after being promised.


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