İZDENİZ strike hit İZBAN and ESHOT

İZDENİZ strike hit İZBAN and ESHOT: The strike started due to the disagreement between TDS and İZDENİZ AŞ, one of the companies of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, continues for 6 days.

Turkey Union of Seafarers (TDS) City Lines Branch President Hussein Sarayoğl of Izdemir AŞ for your ongoing strike for six days, "People shabby İZBAN and ESHOT not move. As soon as possible, everyone should put their hat in front of them. Our aim is not strike. " said.

Speaking at Üçkuyular Ferry Port, Sarayoğlu said that they went on strike for the first time in 66 years of union history.

Stating that the people of Izmir have been protecting them for five days when the strike started, Sarayoğlu said, KarşıyakaIt is necessary to thank the residents of They bring us breakfast and lunch every morning. They support us as a family, they do not leave us alone. " said.

Stating that they were sorry for what happened, Sarayoğlu said: “I am the captain of the ship. So much money was given to serve the people of Izmir, but these ships lie. The people cannot carry the miserable İZBAN and ESHOT. As soon as possible, everyone should put their hat in front of them. Our aim is not strike. What we want is reasonably something. Aziz is deceiving. For example, it says three, three and a half thousand liras. No one among our friends got the number he said. "

Selahattin Güney, a citizen who could not use the ferries because of the strike, said he was very victimized. KarşıyakaStating that he had a very difficult time to come to his job in Üçkuyular, Güney said, “I had to go by car, I gave a lot of gas money. Roads are paralyzed by traffic. Dear President, please help, solve the incident. " said.

Trolley with steamer KarşıyakaÜmmihan Albaş, who came to the ferry port to go to, said that the scenery was not pleasant and that the strike should be ended as soon as possible.

Another citizen of Izmir, due to the strike in the social media account of the crowd in the bus to share the size of the strike brought to light.

Turkey Union of Seafarers (TDS), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality You Izdemir the company AŞ and upon leaving reconciliation of collective bargaining talks earlier taken the decision to strike the laid Bostanlı Ferry to hanging application on 12 July. The city lines ferry has not been working for 6 days due to the strike.

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