Eurasia Tunnel closed in Istanbul flooded subway stations

Eurasia tunnel closed in Istanbul, flooded subway stations
Eurasia tunnel closed in Istanbul, flooded subway stations

The Eurasia Tunnel was closed in Istanbul, flooded the metro stations: In Istanbul, there are serious disruptions in transportation throughout the city due to the most severe summer rain of recent years. The Eurasia Tunnel is closed to transportation in Istanbul, where strong downpour is effective. Due to heavy rain, there are images that do not search for horror movies from the metro stations. The passengers waiting for the subway were shocked when they saw the flood waters coming from the tracks. Meanwhile, the subway that runs between Atatürk Airport and Yenikapı runs to Bakırköy due to the flood.

Strong showers are effective in Istanbul. It is stated that flooding occurred in many places due to sudden rain. While vehicles remained on puddles in waterways, a lot of workplaces flooded in the region. The Eurasia Tunnel, which provides transportation between the two sides of the city, was closed for transportation to both sides.

Flooded subway stations in Istanbul. The images shot at Merter and Bayrampaşa metro stations were shocked.

Topkapı Ulubatlı metro station also flooded. Metro transportation is not possible due to flooding. Work is in progress for draining the water when the station is closed.

Meanwhile, due to heavy rainfall, T1 Kabataş-Bağcılar Tram Line and M1 route are not available between Otogar- Kirazlı and Bakırköy- Airport stations.

Metrobuses moving from the E-5 route also had difficulty moving due to flooding. Especially the puddle formed between Zeytinburnu and Topkapı disrupted the metrobus flights.

Explosions due to heavy rainfall at the entrance of the metro in Şişli frightened. Violent explosions occurred at the exit of Istiklal Avenue of Şişhane subway, which are estimated to be caused by the transformer. While the explosion sound caused people in the region to escape in panic, the authorities have not yet made a statement about the incident.

10: 00 said in the statement made by Istanbul Governorate: araç As today's city is getting heavy rain, it is requested not to go traffic with special vehicles unless it is necessary to avoid transportation problems İstanbul.

Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan for the rainfall in Istanbul "This is a disaster," he said. Reminding that the rain had lost its influence, Arslan said “the institutions concerned, especially AKOM, continue their work. Yağmur

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