Istanbul Halkevleri protests the hike for transportation

Istanbul Halkevleri protested the hike for transportation: Istanbul Halkevleri announced a press release at Mecidiyeköy Metrobus stop to protest transportation hikes around 13, announced as ı price adjustment İstanbul

According to, Istanbul Halkevleri announced a press release at the Mecidiyekoy Metrobus station to protest transportation hikes around 13, which is announced as iy price adjustment Send.

The press release of the People's Houses ise Topbas hand pull out of our pocket lamaz, hak Transportation is right to sell ”with the foreign currency and Student Collectives leri Monthly amount of money? None of us participated in the money döviz, atla Jump from the turnstile atla, written in exchange notes.

Da There is also justice in transportation “

The statement underlines that the purpose of the AKP municipality in public transport is not to provide a comfortable transportation of the people, but to make a profit. Halkevleri reminded that pro-media media did not see these hikes and said that they did not use the word imes raise ”and said gör price adjustment Halk.

Halkevleri stated that the constant loss of ISPARK was not plausible and the only reason why it was maintained was to provide rent to IMM managers.

Halkevleri'nın description as follows:

The only reason for the continuation of the burden of scandalous scandal was the money that came into the pockets of the IMM officials. They are trying to close the gap with the increase. If you are so corrupt in an institution whose income can be calculated so easily, consider how corruption is in the more complex institutions. Anyhow, the AKP government has disabled the Court of Accounts and the courts are working with orders.

The AKP government, municipalities and mega projects with the looms established by the supporters of the public while the money in the pocket is constantly hosing. 3. The 2017's first 4,5 loss for the bridge, Osmangazi Bridge and Eurasia Tunnel is 803 million TL. The AKP government that wants to vote by saying that we have made it from the public wants to collect the damage from the people who do not pass the bridge. Deli Dumrul was only taking money from the bridge, taking the AKP from anyone who has not passed.

We say once again: free, quality transportation is right, and we will be against these hikes until we get access in human conditions! Let's get it back.


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