Iron nets are the locomotive of development

The history of the rail system in the Anatolian geography started with the build-operate model of the Ottoman Empire and was operated by capital owners with a number of concessions. Railway investments, which include examples of prideful sources of our history, such as the Hejaz Railway, built between .23-1856, are also among the priorities of the Republican era.

In the years following 1923, the center of gravity of economic policies was the steps taken to expand the national integrity and transport network. The main characteristic of that period is that in the studies carried out on the railway, ”Connecting the main residential and production-consumption centers will lead to revival in the domestic market and this will have positive effects on the national economy”. Again in the industrialization plans of that period, basic industries such as iron and steel, coal and machinery are written at the top of the page. This is; It demonstrates the strategic advantage of railway investments by introducing the most economic transportation of raw materials and equipment necessary for the industry, which is the basic dynamic of development.

In summary; industrial investments triggered railways.

The ideal of ör knitting the country with iron nets aslında is also a road map of the ideal of mill nationalization de in the sector.

The excitement of industrialization, which started in the Young Republic, also flourished the entrepreneurial spirit. Turkey's 10 thousand km rail network, one of the heroes who carried out the construction of the 1.250-km section Mühürza Mehmet Nuri Bey Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk "Demirağ" was given surname.

Of course, when Nuri Demirağ is mentioned, in our recent history, concepts such as cesaret courage,, girişim entrepreneurship an, sev love of homeland ve and karşısında let's get ready,, yok no need to do,, 'not our job! Karşısında It is necessary to think together the opposing voices that try to trip a country's determination to reach contemporary civilization.

The perspective that Demirağ drew with his belief in Turkish people was not desired to be understood at that time. Just like Vecihi Hürkuş… Railways remain in the grip of neglect… The chain of 'neglect', which lasts for years, leaves a big sediment both in the sector and in our economy. Same time; It also prevents the dreams of industrialization, national design and production and the spread of rail transportation systems such as subway in cities.

National brands flourish
Turkey in the last rail at the beginning of the year 15 the most conspicuous acts coming moves in the system. Railways of the Republic of 100. is also among the dominant factors in shaping the year's targets.

While the size of the investments is growing, the purchases of Istanbul Marmaray, Ankara Metro and rail transport in our provinces have opened an important opportunity: domestic and national designs and production.

Already in the world to rival competitors, giants in the arena of our glorious flag wave brands
began to bloom.

Here are the examples… İpekböceği, Istanbul, Panorama, Talas Tram and Green City LRT, TCV Trambus brands; Istanbul, Bursa, Kayseri, Samsun, Malatya, Kocaeli serves in our provinces.

Let's look at the numbers: Until 2023, the total need for urban transportation is to be renewed including metro, LRT, tram and trambus. Approximate cost 7.000 billion euros. The total cost of the vehicles to be purchased including TCDD in the city and intercity is 9 billion and 20 billion with infrastructure. If the vehicles to be purchased with the resource allocated for these and similar purchases are provided with the condition that 'at least percent 50 is made in cooperation with the domestic industry'; sector develops, investments increase, employment rate increases, value added is produced, the current account deficit is effected in closing…

As a result of this note düşelim: Turkey, as in all areas of the rail system will be an example in the middle of the project. The potential of our country that broke its shell; as well as production
strong in the direction.

From design to production, there is no reason why national brands won't come out! The industrialists who have united power around the Anatolian Rail Transportation Systems Cluster believe in the bright future of our country. It prepares to produce rail transportation systems and to make our national brands a global brand.

They expect to be given a shoulder to the national and national industry without losing time.

Iron nets are the locomotives of development.

Source: Korhan GÜMÜŞTEKİN - OSTİM Press and Public Relations Manager-I



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