Investment expenditures should increase, rail will go to each OIZ

Investment spending should increase every OSB railway will go: political stability, indicating that lowers Turkey's risk premium Presidential Economic Adviser Warrant, "Turkey's growth model based on production and exports if they continue in the coming period, he said positive will decompose.

Presidency's Chief Economy Advisor Bülent Gedikli said that investment expenditures should be increased in order for the growth average to reach 7 percent. Stating that Turkey's risk premium Warrant reduce the political stability of the currency wars today, stating that armed more effective than war, he stressed the need to strengthen the TL and production. Ankara SohbetGedikli, who was a guest of İleri, answered the questions of the World Ankara Representative Ferit B. Parlak.

Developments in the US affect many countries and economies of the world. In this sense, how do you evaluate the decisions and statements of the FED?

I believe that FED's balance sheet reduction and interest rate hikes cannot be realized in a series. Both economic data and the fact that Trump has failed to fulfill its economic commitments make foreign investors uneasy. including developing countries such as first star of Turkey in this process will shine again. Although Yellen says kork I do not expect a financial crisis Y, he is afraid of being a balloon in papers. This situation combined with the failure to solve the growth and inflation problem (they cannot reach the target of 2.5) creates a risk of recession. They cannot solve the main problem of US debt and income distribution. They are experiencing the problem of growth and inflation. Although the FED increases the interest rate, the risk of recession is at the door.

The FED, the FED President of Chicago, said the FED would be worth the wait until the end of the year for the next rate hike. Fed New York President William Dudley said inflation is slightly below the level we want. When we look at the explanations, we see that their hopes are a labor market and that they will gradually reach 2 with increasing wages. However, it will not be so, because the way in which the unemployment figures are calculated and the criteria are not in a position to reveal the actual situation, they cannot trust it.

I think the element of the risk perception of the US economy is now Trumpeconomis, that is, what cannot be predicted by Trump.
How do you foresee the influence Turkey in this situation?

In 2018, foreign investors will be more frightened if political uncertainties remain on the US agenda. US, allies with countries such as Turkey to establish relations on a healthy and balanced growing up recession-induced financial risk.

Turkey, if positive will degrade the production and export-oriented growth model is continued in the next period. I follow the fact that the importance of support to our domestic producer is in agriculture and industry as a constant contact with the real sector.

Always what we say and how realistic is the last 3 be years more to continue on emerging political stability of Turkey all priced engagaments while our positive divergence in the CDS (risk premium) is one of reducing factor.

Generally, we look at the US and the EU said the political instability in Turkey and asked to create the same chaos by using certain cliques. However, since July, 15 has proved that our people and politics will not come to such games. No political moves that are not demanded by the public and that do not come from the public cannot be successful.

We see some economic shooters throwing flares with the actors aiming at street movements. Turkey's economy and political situation is seated to the axis guided by such a cheerleader too. No attack on our unity and solidarity will not be lost. In the coming period, we will see the fruits of many international negotiations under the leadership of our President.
How do you see the growth data considered by many sectors as surprise?

The measures taken and the incentives we receive at the beginning of the year show that the private consumption expenditures contributed to the 5 growth of 3,1 and the public expenditures contributed by 1,3. On the other hand, the contribution of investment expenditures to growth is limited to 0,7 and reminds us that structural reforms should be accelerated in sustainability of growth. It may be of lasting high growth rate of Turkey's economy and unemployment SMEs and industrialists our huge responsibility for our çıkarabilme to zero percent growth figure will be closer to the 6-7. The Production Reform Package, passed through the TGNA, is the fruit of the production-oriented growth that we have been working on for years.

In this context, the workforce quality required for high-value production in the OIZ-Industry sector will be increased. Our new package will be installed in Nevşehir, Cappadocia, Ankara with OSTİM Teknik and Ankara Fine Arts Universities.

In order to be able to make use of the technology to be part of the global supply chains and to invest in competitive production models, the public can cooperate with the private sector in the field of R & D and innovation. The information produced here will be protected under the scope of intellectual property and will be able to establish a technology transfer office in the status of capital company.

As a result of Turkey's economy xnumx'ünc quarter-3 6 percent growth in the range, while full year I expect to be around 6.5 percent growth. Turkey will be the first among the countries of the OECD 5.5 with this growth.

This performance saw Fitch has revised upwards the growth rate for Turkey. According to Fitch Turkey, 4.7 percent this year, next year will grow 4.1 percent. As I said, these organizations individually for months will increase Turkey's credit rating. I think they should make a note increase immediately.

Er The period of developing countries begins “

Contact ferit directly

After the crisis in the US in 2008, the period of the developing countries will begin again according to Bülent Gedikli, Head of Economy Chief Advisor to the President of the Republic of Turkey, who made forecasts on the financial crisis, oil prices and exchange rate in the EU. solves the problem could not, Warrant pointed out that faced with recession risk, as well as growth and inflamed ation create unable to issue Central America for reasons of survival Bank (Fed) balance sheet reduction and interest rate hikes series underlines can not be carried out in such a way ... that's money to developing countries, especially Turkey claims to speed up the flow ı
It will change the face of manufacturing in Turkey
What do you think will change the production reform package in which the olive groves are extracted over public pressures?

This regulation will change the face of manufacturing in Turkey. A reform package with a total of 77 items. One of the most important elements is the reduction of energy costs. For example, there was a% 2 TRT share in electricity consumption, which will no longer be taken. The most important criterion here is to have an industrial registry certificate. There will be no real estate tax related to the workplace of the industrialist and if there is purchase or sale in the industrial zones and planned industrial zones, no stamp duty and fees will be taken. The advantage of a new generation of 15 for domestic producers will be further highlighted. In addition, the remaining industrial sites within the city will be built out of the city, and if necessary, 0 interest-based lending will be carried out. This is also important for planned industry and production. One of the most important things that we have been trying, but we can not tell the organized industrial zones should enter the railroad.

This law has been written directly, each OIZ will now be connected to the railway. In addition, resources allocated to enterprises in R & D will be supported with incentives up to% 200. Our ultimate goal is to create a global brand in the defense industry and in information and automotive technologies. And there's the Turquality program I care about. Here support will be paid in TL and will be given country-based.

The companies included in the program will be able to benefit from the 5 support for each new country to be opened. With this new approach, 5 per new country aims to make market diversification of products with this new approach. In addition, they will continue to stay in the Program and benefit from the supports as long as the new country is opened.

As a result, once to increase the strength of the economy, as do China and Turkey should focus on structural reforms to strengthen him. A recession in the global economy is inevitable. The battles are no longer just a rifle. Money wars are more effective. That is why we can increase our weight with our ancient state experience by strengthening our money, our economy, our production and many political issues.
”BIST 100 has exceeded one thousand, zero again X
What will be your comment on the rise in the stock market?

For the first time, the 100 brought the idea back to an idea that was implemented 13 for the first time. After the stock exchange closed by six figures, the Exchange decided to draw over the last two digits, and at the beginning of the 100 this process triggered a jump of 20 on the next month; the index exceeded three times the market value throughout the year. I think that the same application can be done again. Although the adjustment has no effect on key indicators, it causes a general perception that the index is getting cheaper.

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