IETT Buses were Dressed with IETT Football Team's Posters

IETT Buses are Dressed with IETT Football Team's Posters: IETT Buses 2017 World Corporate Cup Games 2017 in Everton, UK. Once the world champion IETT Football Team was dressed with posters.

The IETT Football Team won the World Championship in 2014-2015 World 2016 World X-XIX 20 World Cup in Everton, UK, for three consecutive years. . IETT, IETT buses to share this historic championship success with Istanbulites, the posters of the championship football team. Two 21 buses are on the European side and two on the Asian side.

2017 World Corporate Cup Games

Fighting teams from many countries, especially England and Germany, the IETT Football Team was undefeated. In the quarterfinals, he defeated AHK-B team 11-0 in Wales, and in the semifinals he defeated the British HMS team 8 - 2. IETT, who was faced with the German Greenefte team in the final, won the 3-0 and became the World Champion. Games 25 country, 5 continent, 22 bin 500'un organization, 1 with over a million participants took place.

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