Transfer System Starts in Public Transport in Kahramanmaraş

Transfer System in Public Transport in Kahramanmaraş Begins: Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality announced on 24.07.2017 that the TRANSFER in Public Transport system will start.

In the statement made by the Department of Transportation Services, the Directorate of Public Transport, Halk For a faster, comfortable, economical, integrated and preferable public transportation system of Private Public Buses operating in the city, the transfer system with 24.07.2017 TL will be applied within 60 minutes from the date of 0,30.

With the TRANSMISSION System to be carried out, the urban traffic load will be reduced and alternatives to public transportation will be increased and waiting and travel time at the stations will be shortened. Passengers whose targets are different will be separated from each other and thus transportation will gain speed.

In practice;

- After reading the signal to the validator, 15 will not be able to use the right to transfer more than minutes. If Kahramankart uses it for the second time before this time expires, it will charge according to the normal tariff.

- There will be no transfer system in orbonman tickets.

- Private Public Bus lines will be transferred from the lines of the municipality to the municipal lines, from the public lines to the private public bus lines. However, transfer will not be made within the same lines.



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